Big Fig's best mattress for heavy people is $350 off today — here's why you should wait for the Memorial Day sales instead

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Big Fig is offering huge savings on the Big Fig mattress, which is one of the best beds for heavier bodies. Right now, you can get $350 off of all mattress sizes, which means that you can buy a queen size Big Fig mattress for $1,549 (was $1,899) at Big Fig. However, while this sale beats the recent discount of $300 off, it doesn't match the $500 off savings we saw during  the Presidents' Day mattress sales in February. 

Why buy the Big Fig mattress? While many of the best mattresses tend to cater for a weight limit of up to 250lbs per person, plus size bodies that exceed that weight limit require a specialist bed that is specially engineered to comfortably support them. As well as a weight capacity of 1,100lbs, the Big Fig mattress boasts dense foam railings around the perimeter of the bed, as well as thousands of individually wrapped springs for superior support, making it one of the best beds for heavier people. 

The spring sale offers $350 off all sizes of the Big Fig Mattress, from twin through to California king. While this deal trumps the recent Big Fig mattress sale of $300 off all bed sizes, we have seen discounts of up to $500 off during major holidays. So although $350 off is an excellent price for such a well made bed, it's worth waiting for the Memorial Day mattress sales in May to buy at the best possible price. 

Big Fig Mattress
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Big Fig Mattress
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$350 off all sizes at Big Fig

Summary: Providing supportive sleep for bigger bodies is at the heart of Big Fig's philosophy and the forefront of the Big Fig Mattress design. As a hybrid bed, the Big Fig combines dense high quality foams with individually wrapped springs to offer a stable base for heavier weight sleepers. The firmer feel prevents hips from sinking too far into the mattress (to prevent back ache), and the combination of latex infused foams and individually wrapped coils allow for easy movement. Back and stomach sleepers should get on best with the Big Fig Mattress, but side sleepers might find it a little too hard for comfort. While some mattresses for bigger bodies focus exclusively on support, the Big Fig is a well-rounded bed. It features a ThermoGel treated fabric and gel-infused latex foam, helping to keep  temperatures regulated and to prevent overheating. High density edge supports add strength to the sides, so you never feel like you're going to roll off the bed. Last but not least, a hand-tufted cover prevents the inner materials from shifting – and gives this premium mattress a luxurious look.

Price history: Big Fig mattress sales are semi-frequent, but this is the best offer we've seen Presidents' Day in February, when this specialist bed was discounted by $500 on all sizes. $350 off is still an excellent saving and worth buying if you're in a rush for a new mattress. However, it you want to buy this best at the best possible price, we'd recommend waiting for Memorial Day next month where we predict that savings of up to $500 will be matched.  

Benefits: 120-night trial | 20-year warranty | Free shipping

What is the best mattress for heavy people?

All mattresses have a weight limit, and for a standard mattress this tends to be around 250lbs per person, or 500lbs overall. The best mattresses for heavy people have an increased weight capacity, allowing two people with bigger bodies to sleep side-by-side and stay supported.

The majority of mattresses for heavy people are hybrids, using sturdy springs and dense foams to create a stable sleep surface. They also tend to be firm, as softer mattresses can have too much sink and leave you feeling trapped in the bed. However, a mattress for bigger builds doesn't have to be rock hard, so look for cushioning at the pressure points (especially if you sleep on your side).

As well as providing support and comfort, a sturdy build should also increase the lifespan of the bed – the Big Fig Mattress has a 20-year warranty. A cheap memory foam, on the other hand, is likely to start sagging quickly with frequent use. So while the Big Fig Mattress might be an investment, you should get your money back in years of supportive sleep. 

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