DreamCloud vs Emma mattress: Which should you buy in Presidents’ Day sales?

The DreamCloud Hybrid is shown on the left side of the image, while the Emma Hybrid Comfort is shown on the right side of the image
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The DreamCloud Hybrid and the Emma Hybrid Comfort are two high-quality hybrid mattresses made by two sleep brands renowned for making some of the best mattresses on the market. In this DreamCloud vs Emma comparison piece, we will explore the key differences between the two popular mattresses. 

Both are hybrids, which means both offer the body-hugging comfort of memory foam mixed with the cooling, responsive properties of an innerspring bed. Both the DreamCloud and the Emma use a combination of foams and coils to provide comfort and support, but the DreamCloud has earned itself a spot in our best hybrid mattress guide - but does that make it a better mattress? 

Here, we'll compare the performance of the DreamCloud Hybrid and Emma Hybrid Comfort mattresses, taking into account comfort and support, design and material, as well as price. Price wise, you can buy a queen size DreamCloud is an incredibly competitive $665 (was $1,332), thanks to a 50% off flash DreamCloud mattress sale. The Emma Hybrid Comfort comes in slightly cheaper, with a queen size Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress costing $599 (was $1,199), thanks to a 50% off Emma mattress sale

Both prices are among the best you'll get these mattresses for, but it's also worth checking out the upcoming Presidents' Day mattress sales to see if you can snap up luxury hybrid for an even lower price. But which should you buy? Let's take a look. 

DreamCloud Hybrid$839$419 at DreamCloud

DreamCloud Hybridfrom $839 $419 at DreamCloud 
The DreamCloud is excellent value for money at any time of the year thanks to their evergreen 40% off sale, but right now there is a better than Black Friday flash sale happening with 50% off every size. That drops the price of a queen size DreamCloud to $665, compared to $799 in last month's sale. That's an unbeatable price for a luxury hybrid bed that comes with a forever warranty, free shipping and free returns if you change your mind within the 365-night trial period. Half-price flash sales don't often to often and don't seem to hinge on big holiday sales events, so don't hang around for the Presidents' Day mattress sales.

Emma Hybrid Comfort: $739 $369 at Emma Sleep

Emma Hybrid Comfort: from $739 $369 at Emma Sleep
While this hybrid bed is usually discounted at 40% off, Emma’s Black Friday sale in November saw a whopping 60% off the Emma Hybrid Comfort. Currently, there's a happy medium with a 50% sale, knocking a queen size down from $1,199 to $599. This is a great deal, but you might want to hang around and see what the Presidents' Day mattress sales have in store for February.

DreamCloud vs Emma: Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 DreamCloudEmma
Internal layers:57
Firmness: 8/105 (customers rate it 7-7.5)
Height: 14"13"
Trial:365 nights365 nights
Warranty:Lifetime10 years
Price (MSRP):From $839From $739

DreamCloud vs Emma: Price, trials & warranties

  • A queen DreamCloud is usually $665 in 40% off evergreen sale 
  • Expect to pay around $599 for a queen size Emma Hybrid
  • Emma's warranty is 10 years, but DreamCloud's warranty lasts a lifetime

Both the Emma Hybrid Comfort and DreamCloud Hybrid sit in the the lower-mid to mid-range price bracket thanks to their generous, evergreen discounts. You'll likely never pay full retail for these high-quality-beds, with 40% off being the benchmark for their sales. 

While Emma usually relies on holiday events such as Presidents' Day to drop their prices down from 40% to 60%, they're currently holding a 50% off sale, which has reduced the starting price of an Emma Hybrid Comfort to $369 and a queen to a $599.

DreamCloud, on the other hand, rarely rely on holiday sales events to slash their prices, and instead hinge their big offers for random flash sales, usually at 50% off. Right now, you can get a DreamCloud Hybrid for as low as $419, with a queen reduced to $669. While it's worth waiting around for Emma's Presidents' Day mattress sales, we doubt DreamCloud will offer more savings than their flash sales for Presidents' Day. 

Both Emma and DreamCloud offer a generous 365-night sleep trial, but DreamCloud leapfrogs over Emma with a very enticing lifetime mattress warranty.  However, both offer free shipping and returns, and Emma will also pick up your mattress for free if you decide to return it (you'll get your money back with both brands, but DreamCloud won't collect the unwanted mattress).

So, how much do these mattresses cost when they aren't on sale? Here’s our DreamCloud vs Purple mattress MSRP price comparison:

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Price comparison
Row 0 - Cell 0 DreamCloudEmma
Twin MSRP:$839$739
Twin XL MSRP:$1,089$999
Full MSRP:$1,199$1,049
Queen MSRP:$1,332$1,199
King MSRP:$1,669$1,499
Split king MSRP:$1,669N/A
Cal king MSRP:$2,178$1,499

DreamCloud vs Emma price winner: Emma
While the DreamCloud may offer a lifetime warranty, this extra is superfluous considering that mattresses on average last around eight to ten years, making Emma's 10-year warranty more than sufficient. Both Emma's MSRP and discount prices are cheaper than DreamCloud's, plus their price drops tend to be bigger and depend on holiday events. DreamCloud, on the other hand, tend to reserve their bigger savings for out-of-the-blue flash sales, which can be hard to predict. 

DreamCloud vs Emma: Materials & design

  • Both are hybrid beds made up of 5 internal layers of foam and springs
  • DreamCloud is one inch taller than the Emma
  • Emma's top cover is both removable and machine-washable 

While both Emma and DreamCloud are foam-and-spring hybrids with five internal layers sandwiched between a breathable top cover and non-slip bottom cover, there are some key differences between the two in terms of design and materials. 

A breakdown of the DreamCloud materials and desigm

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

DreamCloud's first foam layer is designed to contour to the sleeper's body, while the next layer of gel-infused memory foam is to provide pressure relief. A transition layer follows to introduce a air-circulating tier of individually wrapped springs. Underneath is a high density foam layer to stabilise the mattress. These layers are encased between two covers: a non-slip bottom cover and a quilted cashmere cover for breathable softness. Unfortunately, the top cover cannot be removed or machine washed, and removing the cover can lead to your lifetime warranty ending. 

Emma Comfort Hybrid build

(Image credit: Emma Sleep)

Meanwhile, Emma's top cover is removable, machine-washable and moisture-wicking. The bottom anti-slip cover also gets some bonus points thanks to its handles for an easy set-up.  These covers encase four layers of foam and one layer of coils. The first foam layer is made out of Airgocell foam, which absorbs then releases heat for a cooler sleep. next is the body-moulding cool memory foam, then HRX foam for durability. Up next is the only layer of springs, which are individually wrapped to encourage air circulation and proper spinal alignment. A stabilizing base sits underneath for sturdy support. 

DreamCloud vs Emma material winner: Emma
There are a lot of similarities between the DreamCloud and Emma (including the addition of a stabilising base and individually-wrapped springs), but Emma's 100% vegan bed earns some brownie points for the machine-washable cover and non-slip bottom cover with handles.

DreamCloud vs Emma: Comfort & support

  • We rate the DreamCloud as 8/10 for firmness
  • Side sleepers mays find the Emma Hybrid Comfort too firm
  • We found the DreamCloud Hybrid helps helps with back and hip pain

In our DreamCloud Mattress review, we found that the DreamCloud has a luxurious feel and even helps with alleviating back and hip pain, with one back sleeper finding it alleviated pressure in the lower back. Stomach sleepers also praised the firm feel and support, while side sleepers also slept comfortably - which, given its 8/10 firmness rating, is unusual. Lightweight, petite sleepers may need to opt for something plusher in the DreamCloud range., though. 

DreamCloud hybrid mattress in a bedroom

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The Emma Hybrid Comfort is also ideal for back and stomach sleepers thanks to its firm feel (Emma describes the firmness as being a medium 5/10, but reviews seem to find it much firmer). Lightweight and side sleepers, however, will find this mattress far too firm. 

DreamCloud vs Emma comfort winner: DreamCloud
This mattress has a luxurious feel that suits all sleep styles, including side sleepers, which is uncommon for a mattress with a high firmness rating. Heavyweight sleepers should also fare well with this mattress, with only petite, lightweight sleepers being told to look elsewhere. 

DreamCloud vs Emma: Temperature control

  • Both mattresses are hybrids, which tend to be naturally cooling 
  • Both come with a breathable top cover
  • The Emma has Airgocell-infused foam for additional cooling

Both DreamCloud and Emma are hybrid beds, which tend to make the best cooling mattresses thanks to air-circulating layers of springs and coils. They are also both topped with a breathable cover for a cooler sleep surface.

Emma Comfort Mattress on a bed base in an elegantly furnished room

(Image credit: Emma Sleep)

Emma, however, doesn't rely solely on individually wrapped springs and a moisture-wicking cover to help sleepers stay cool and dry. The first foam layer is made out of Airgocell foam, which absorbs body heat and moisture and then releases it away from the body. 

There is some cooling properties in the DreamCloud's gel-infused foam layer, which disperses body heat. While its not as cooling as the Airgocell foam (we find that gel infusion are no match against heatwaves and hot flashes), our reviewers awarded it a high score for temperature regulation and felt pleasantly surprised by how cool and dry they felt in the mornings.

DreamCloud vs Emma temperature winner: DreamCloud
While Emma's addition of heat absorbing and releasing foam is a nice cooling touch, our tried-and-tested review of DreamCloud proved that this hybrid can keep you cool and dry with just a layer of coils and a breathable cover. 

Buy the DreamCloud if...

✅You want a luxurious feel: The DreamCloud Hybrid is one of the best luxury hybrid mattresses on the market thanks to its high-quality build.

✅You sleep hot: Thanks to its breathable cover and individually wrapped springs for greater airflow, the DreamCloud helped our testers stay cool and dry

You're not sure what sleep style you are: All of our reviewers had different sleep styles, and all felt comfortable on this mattress. So if you're a combination sleepers, or have no idea how you sleep, this is a good choice.

Buy the Emma if...

You're on a tighter budget: A (slightly) lower MSRP, regular discounts and generous holiday sales means this is a competitively priced quality hybrid 

You're a stomach or back sleeper: Side sleepers may feel it's too firm, but this hybrid provides enough support and comfort for both back and stomach sleepers

✅You want a machine-washable cover: The removable, machine-washable cover is perfect for those who want to maintain a clean, hygienic sleep, plus the handles on the bottom cover make it easier to manoeuvre. 

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