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Vuzix Launching First Alexa-Powered AR Glasses at CES 2018

Alexa, what am I looking at?

Vuzix next week will unveil a pair of augmented-reality glasses that will have Amazon's voice assistant built in, enabling wearers to perform all manner of tasks and skills, such as controlling smart home devices, checking the feed from compatible security cameras, and more.

Credit: Vuzix

(Image credit: Vuzix)

However, these glasses won't come cheap: They're expected to cost around $1,000 when they hit the market in the second quarter of 2018, according to Bloomberg.

The Vuzix Blade, which look like chunky sunglasses, projects a small image that appears in front of the wearer's right eye, and displays information such as directions, caller ID, or whatever information the user calls for.

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While Alexa is being embedded into all sorts of gadgets—from smart speakers to kitchen appliances—the Vuzix Blade represents the first time that the voice assistant is making its way into wearable devices. The Blade will connect to your smartphone, presumably via Bluetooth, to deliver information such as mapping directions, restaurant menus, and weather.

In addition, the glasses have a built-in camera, which will let the wearer take photos and video, and even see a preview of what it's capturing in real time. A touch-sensitive side panel on the Blade will also allow you to navigate through menus via swipes and taps. 

Although its price and design—the Blades look like something stolen from a 3D showing of Star Wars—will almost certainly make the Vuzix Blade a niche product, the addition of Alexa and an augmented reality display makes them more practical than previous wearables, such as Google Glasses and the one-trick Snapchat Spectacles.

We'll be bringing you are hands-on impressions of the Vuzix Blade next week as part of our CES 2018 coverage.