VIZIO Updates Internet Apps Plus Platform

Back in May, VIZIO introduced its M-Series Razer LED family of Smart TVs for consumers seeking "edge-to-edge" perfection. The first batch included three ranging from 32 inches to 47 inches ($399.99 to $729.99), and a second batch supporting Theater 3D technology ranging from 50 inches to 80 inches ($799.99 to $3,999.99). The largest, most expensive model didn't actually hit the market until the middle of June, boasting the new Internet Apps Plus platform that's available on all M-Series Razer LED solutions.

"Featuring Smart Dimming technology to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites for a richer contrast, the M-Series units offer full HD 1080p and up to 240 Hz effective refresh rate featuring Smooth Motion enhanced with backlight scanning allowing for the sharpest possible picture," the company said. "Consumers with 50 inch M-Series models and larger, will enjoy a flicker-free, 3D picture through lightweight, battery free glasses thanks to VIZIO’s Theater 3D technology."

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On Monday the company said that the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus platform has been updated to support full screen app browsing, HTML5-based apps which means customers won't be required to download and install apps directly to the TV, and remote control features for compatible mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Users can even stream content from their mobile device to the Smart TV as long as they're both on the same Wi-Fi connection.

"The innovative YouTube 'Send to TV' feature allows consumers to send a YouTube video from their mobile device to the TV when both are connected on the same Wi-Fi network," the company explained. "With this added convenience, users can easily lean forward on mobile devices to search for videos, then lean back to enjoy them on the big screen.  The consumer can even transition the YouTube video back to the mobile device, allowing users to continue watching as they venture into another room without missing a beat."

The company said that the app launcher has been repositioned to the bottom of the screen for better navigation and selection (aka more Android/iOS like). The update also supports new app entries including M-GO, ESPN ScoreCenter, ESPN EXTRA and 3DGO! for the 3D-capable models. The platform will be updated again sometime this summer to unlock the Wi-Fi capabilities of the backlit Wi-Fi Direct Smart remote that comes packed with M-Series Razer TVs.

"VIZIO's new Wi-Fi Direct Smart Remote features a faster response time than IR by using Wi-Fi to communicate with the TV, which gives users great range from anywhere in the room and without needing to point directly at the TV," the company said. "With an elegant and streamlined industrial design, the remote also includes quick launch smart TV keys for fast access to movies, TV shows and other on-demand content, as well as backlit keys for easier nighttime viewing."

For more information on VIZIO's all-new VIZIO Internet Apps Plus smart TV platform or the latest M-Series HDTV collection, head here

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