Super Mario Odyssey: Everything We Know So Far

You can't have a new Nintendo console without a big new Mario game, and Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch is shaping up to be one of the most exciting entries yet in the beloved series. Super Mario Odyssey allows our favorite plumber to freely explore a variety of colorful worlds, while introducing new gameplay tricks that allow Mario to throw his hat to hit enemies and reach new heights. We'll have to wait until it releases on Oct. 27 to get our hands on Mario's next big outing, but here's everything we know so far.

What's Super Mario Odyssey all about?

Super Mario Odyssey is a return to the sandbox-style gameplay of classics such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. That means you'll be able to freely explore some of the game's gorgeous new locales, including the suspiciously familiar-looking metropolis of New Donk City.

The general premise of Super Mario Odyssey is nothing new. Bowser, who's dressed as lavishly as ever, has kidnapped Peach, and it appears that the two are set to have a wedding that the princess wants no part of. The big boss also seems to have a team of cute but almost-definitely-evil rabbits working for him. Sounds like a Mario game, alright.

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How is it different from other Mario games?

Every Mario game has a defining gameplay mechanic, and in Odyssey, it's Mario's newfound ability to throw his signature red hat (which is now a sentient being named Cappy. Yes, it's creepy).

This opens up a ton of possibilities — in the game's trailer, Mario can be seen tossing Cappy to attack enemies, as well as using it as a makeshift platform to get to hard-to-reach locations. But perhaps the biggest new feature is Mario's ability to possess (or cap-ture) enemies and objects with Cappy, as the plumber can now take control of everything from Bullet Bills to other human beings walking around New Donk City.

That same video also shows Mario riding some kind of lion, who could serve as a much furrier (and more vicious) version of Yoshi. Other than that, the new game seems to retain most of Mario's key abilities, including wall-jumping, rolling and swimming.

Odyssey introduces a bunch of new locations, including the Manhattan-inspired New Donk City, a very South American-looking desert, and a world that looks like it's made entirely of food. Mario uses a giant airship to travel between worlds, though we're not exactly sure how that will work gameplay-wise.

Will it have multiplayer?

Yes, though it's rather unconventional. Instead of casting player two as Luigi or Peach, Super Mario Odyssey's co-op mode has a second person control Cappy, Mario's hat. Using an individual Joy-Con, a second player can fling Cappy around, fly around in the air and attack and capture enemies for Mario. It sounds both fun and hilariously chaotic.

When is Super Mario Odyssey coming out?

Super Mario Odyssey will release on Oct. 27, 2017. Nintendo hasn't announced a price, but this will likely be a premium $60 title.

Should I be excited for Super Mario Odyssey?

Based on our hands-on impressions, Super Mario Odyssey is an exciting reinvention that retains the tight 3D platforming of previous Mario games while introducing dynamic open worlds and plenty of fun gameplay twists made possible by Cappy. The fact that you'll be able to take it on the go thanks to the Switch's portable mode makes us even more eager to get our hands on it. We'll have to wait until October to render a final verdict, but Odyssey is shaping up to be the Switch's next marquee title.

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