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Finally! PS4 Gets External Hard Drive Support

While swapping out a PS4 hard drive is pretty easy, it’s not as easy as simply connecting an external hard drive — something the Xbox One has let users do ever since its early days.

A new system update will finally add the feature to Sony’s signature game box, along with a handful of other useful abilities, ranging from cosmetic upgrades to VR functionality.

Sony detailed the upcoming PS4 System Software Update 4.50 in a blog post, explaining that users who participate in software update betas will begin testing the feature today. The system update, also known as “Sasuke,” will likely be available to everyday users within the next few weeks.

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The biggest advancement Sasuke brings is the ability to plug in an external HDD to the PS4. There doesn’t seem to be any special trick to it: Just plug in any USB-enabled hard drive, and the PS4 will treat it as an acceptable form of storage. Hard drives can go up to 8 TB in size, which could easily store more than 100 big-budget games.

Another exciting innovation is the ability to experience 3D Blu-rays on the PlayStation VR. The headset itself can display 3D images, so this could allow users without 3D TVs to experience the functionality without having to buy a whole new set. (Of course, you could get a 3D TV for less money than a PSVR, so your mileage may vary on this one.)

The other updates are mild, but still potentially useful. Users will be able to make custom wallpapers for their home screens, access more features from the Quick Menu, concatenate all of their notifications in a single menu and post more content to their PlayStation Network Activity Feeds. Check the blog post for full details on each one, but they probably won’t radically change your PS4 experience.

While there’s no hard release date on the 4.50 system software, Sony doesn’t usually make its customers wait too long unless there’s some kind of significant hitch during beta testing. If you intend to expand your PS4 storage with an external hard drive, you may want to start hunting for deals now.