Valve Says PS3 is ''Incredibly Important''

There were days in the past when Valve Software didn't have a kind thing to say about the PlayStation 3. Sony's console has a quite different setup for developers compared to the more PC-like Xbox 360, which could have been one of the causes.

Either way, Valve looked like it was going to stay as far away from the PS3 as it could – but then Gabe Newell took to the stage at Sony's E3 and told everyone that the PlayStation 3 would have the best version of the game possible on consoles.

That was a considerable change of tune. Then at Gamescom, Valve told the media more nice things about Sony's machine, and that the developer wanted to make things right in light of how bad the Orange Box port was for PS3 gamers.

"PS3 is incredibly important to us," said project manager Erik Johnson to CVG. "We don't feel that the PS3 users had the Valve experience that we like to deliver.

"So it that case it's incredibly important to us; we kind of fix everything wrong in the products that we delivered before for the PS3, which we thought were good but weren't quite the Valve experience."

Johnson added that Valve currently employs a number of PS3 veterans to work on Portal 2 on PS3.

Part of what will make the PS3 version better than the Xbox 360 version is the integration of Steamworks. The more open nature of Sony's platform allows for Steamworks, while Microsoft likely wants to keep things under control on Xbox Live.

Portal 2 launches on February 9, 2011.

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  • insider3
    I still feel sorry for XBOX and PS3 users for having to play quality games on a console.
  • meat81
    how fat is that guy?
  • trainreks
  • I do recall an interview with Gabe where he said he didn't want to develop on PS3. Hmmmm....
  • quantum mask
    WOW, he certainly changed his tune. Someone must have wrote him a nice check!
  • visa
    So if I understand this article correctly, it doesn't seem to be as much about the console itself as it is about the integration of Steamworks? They like PS3 because it's more open?

    Granted, I know nothing about Steamworks as I choose to play those games on the PC so I'm not really familiar with the console setup for Valve games..
  • Travis Beane
    Just wondering if I'd even want to play Portal 1/2 or Half Life (ep) 2/3 on a console.
    I find my PS3 makes a decent media centre, and spends most of its time folding.
  • warezme
    meat81how fat is that guy?Big enough to cover half the P and all the S
  • a1exh
    I bet he's changed his tune due to the amount of piracy on the 360. I wonder if they will feel the same about the PS3 in a few weeks after PS3Jailbreak hits the streets?
  • maigo
    Way to take the title out of context. They PS3 isn't important, they money they're not getting from it IS