PlayStation Now Coming to Samsung TVs

Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service broke new ground earlier this year when it let consumers play full-fledged PlayStation games on a television — without a console. Now, it will expand its reach beyond Sony TVs and into Samsung territory. The two Asian electronics giants announced a PS Now partnership that will see Sony's cloud gaming service implemented on Samsung smart TVs early next year.

For those not familiar with PS Now, it's a collaboration between Sony and Gaikai, which provides game-streaming technology. Users can rent PS3 games and stream them directly to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles, as well as Sony Bravia TVs. Since the rendering is all done in the cloud, a powerful console is not necessary; simply having a PS3 or PS4 controller is enough.

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Using the service on Samsung TVs will be about as simple as using it on any other device. PS Now will be available as an app for Samsung's smart TV interface, although Sony has yet to announce exactly when. Once users download the app, all they'll need to do is follow the standard PS Now procedure of searching games, choosing one to rent, and then playing it almost instantly. The service will require PlayStation Network credentials and credit-card information, just as it does on other platforms.

Just as PlayStation Now debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2014, PS Now will debut on Samsung TVs at CES 2015. Tom's Guide will go hands-on with the service then, but it will probably function identically to PS Now on Bravia TVs.

The two companies have not yet announced exactly which TVs will get the service or when, but it will start hitting Samsung models in early to mid-2015. PS Now itself still needs some work, but getting core games to a larger audience is generally a good thing.

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