How to Add Pit-Stops in Google Maps in iOS

Whether you've got a sudden craving for lunch or a desperate need for a bathroom break, Google Maps has made it easier to reroute you mid-trip. This feature arrived on the service's iOS app yesterday (Feb. 29) and now the app allows you to add pit-stops for gas stations, coffee shops and other locations to your directions without tossing out your original set of directions.

This update brings Google Maps for iOS closer to parity with its Android counterpart, which has let users add detours since last October. The app provides useful information to help you choose the right place to stop, including the average Google Maps user rating or the price per gallon of gas.

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If you're looking to stop off at a store that doesn't fall into Google's categories (gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops), you can search for locations by name or category. Here's how to modify your directions in the Google Maps app by adding a pit-stop.

How to Add Pit-Stops in Google Maps on iOS

Google Maps will need to know where you're going before it can suggest rest stops, so make sure to enter your point of origin and destination.

1. Tap the Navigate button to start your trip.

2. Tap the Magnifying Glass icon.

3. Select Gas stations, Restaurants, Grocery stores or Coffee shops. If you're looking for a location that doesn't belong in one of these categories, tap the Microphone icon to speak your search terms or tap the blue magnifying glass to type in what you've looking for.

4. Select a specific location.

5. Select Add Stop.

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