Best Ad Blockers and Privacy Extensions

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John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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  • Mandy Pandy
    I have been looking for something like this for IE, tried to install and IE keeps disabling it. Not happy Microsoft
  • Unolocogringo
    I have been using Do not track me by Abine since March.
    It blocks all tracking cookies ,
    I do not even see the Facebook, twitter, etc. links.
    But it allows ads to be displayed so sites still receive their add revenue.
    This ,along with disabling flash works very well.
  • Aoyagi
    Damn, I didn't know Firefox needed addons for such basic tasks as blocking flash or noscripting.
    Anyway, Ghostery and AB+ for the win.
  • virtualban
    I have Adblock Plus for Firefox, but one day, while browsing for a solution in IT forums, I was hit with loud advertising. Daaamn, when this happens to IT forums where people are more likely to block it, spreading mostly bad reputation and frustration, can't imagine what happens elsewhere and without Adblock.

    I did not install flashblock, though. Got tempted, but eventually settled for how things currently are (+custom blocking of the obnoxious ad, of course)
  • czerro
    @Aoyagi What are you talking about? No browser does this out of box. Why are you so surprised that Firefox doesn't do it? Firefox certainly has the best addons available. Adblock Plus and Noscript. Chrome/Chromium and IE do not have anything that compares.

    @virtualban ADB has a whitelist you can disable. The fact is a lot of sites sole revenue is through advertising. It sucks. Certain sites recieve a whitelist oob with whatever version of ADB you are using. It is fairly simple to remove the entries from the whitelist.
  • Aoyagi

    Well, I'm sorry, but what you said is a lie, possibly induced by lack of knowledge. Opera (and I mean Opera 12, not the Chromium crap that has been coming out after that) can actually block any scripts and block flash (it's called "on demand plugin" if you feel the desire to . It can also block many other things, but I guess you need to make sure yourself) install additional plugins on other, less capable browsers.
  • virtualban
    @Aoyagi: my thumbs up for the quote "Opera 12, not the Chromium crap".

    @czerro: I allow Adblock Plus to show non-intrusive advertising. All I want is to not wait the few seconds before the video starts on some videos on youtube, and of course no loud stuff just starting automatically.
  • tnguy
    I agree with Denny Wheeler that the HOSTS file from is VERY effective, but be aware that if you have problems with a site working, you need to try changing back to your original HOSTS file. Sometimes, it works too well. Example, GoDaddy offers a free website builder, and it will not load with the HOSTS file in place. It probably links through an ad site that is blocked. Also, some GOOGLE search links will not work, as they forward through a google ad when making the connection. The HOSTS file is updated regularly, is free, and is very effective at blocking pop-ups, ads, and known malware sites.
  • Jerid_Mangeri
    I have never seen such an Ironic Advertisement this obvious......I had to click through 2 ads to even see the Start of the article, and then there are at least 10 ads on each page that you have to click through....Whatever happened to scrolling down to read an article?

    Also the best is just PopUp Blocker for Chrome
  • Jkthsnk
    Hi Tom. Who makes the Adblock is the one you recommend for Safari. There are a few. Working on an ipad so I get that it's not the mobile one. Thanks.
  • ckdees
    uBlock Origin is a leaner adblocker extension than ABP and is more efficient at blocking content that unnecessarily consumes your internet data allowance and computer resources while browsing.
  • BradensPCs
    I have found that a lot of the blockers I have always used (AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, UBlock Origin) have started blocking way too many things (comments, login popups, etc) on numerous mainstream sites yet have been failing to actually block a lot of the ads. In Pale Moon and Firefox, I have started using UMatrix, a FF equivalent of NoScript made by the guy who makes UBlock Origin.
  • Jkthsnk
    Thanks a lot @BradensPCs. I'll check those out!
  • red03golf
    I dislike the new tomsguide format, this slide layout is annoying, where's the summary? where's the side-by-side comparison? In my opinion, the product review, as it is, is virtually useless.