Uh Oh: OnePlus 6T Owners Reporting Bad Screen Glitch

The OnePlus 6T is one of our favorite Android phones on the market right now, especially if you're looking for good value for your dollar. But the phone's not immune from the odd glitch or manufacturing flaw, as we're discovering this week.

Editor's Note 2:12 pm ET: OnePlus declined our request for comment.

Some owners of the latest OnePlus handset are reporting a display phenomenon that resembles a wave of multicolored pixels descending through the screen. It's unknown at this time what precisely is causing the issue, whether hardware or software. We reached out to OnePlus regarding the matter, and the phone maker declined to comment.

According to the users on the phone maker's forums, the issue occurs most frequently on the 6T's lock screen at lower brightness levels. It also doesn't appear to be constrained to certain models, according to Android Police, meaning all colors and RAM configurations are susceptible to the problem.

A YouTube video posted by user Jay Townsend shows the glitch in motion. With the notification bar pulled down on the lock screen, triangular patches of various colors begin to form and quickly sweep down the display at about the 8-second mark.

Interestingly, the effect can present itself in many different ways. One user on OnePlus' forums says they're noticing green flashes that exclusively occupy the top of the panel. Another reports that the issue sometimes affects hundreds of pixels, and other times just a few, for no discernible reason. For what it's worth, neither of the 6T models at the Tom's Guide office have exhibited any of these peculiarities.

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Unfortunately, OnePlus is no stranger to display mishaps with its devices. The OnePlus 5 was notably called out last year for a "jelly scrolling" bug caused in part by OnePlus' decision to mount the phone's OLED panel upside down. Much more recently, OnePlus 6 owners complained of flickering problems when using adaptive brightness in extreme sunlight. The flickering issue was resolved via a software update, while the jelly scrolling issue was never officially addressed.

To any 6T users reading this, have you encountered anything unusual with your phone's display? If so, let us know in the comments.

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