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Galaxy Note 8 May Not Be the Most Powerful Android Phone

Samsung typically positions the Galaxy Note as the performance powerhouse in its smartphone lineup. But leaked benchmarks appearing online suggest that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 performs pretty much like the Galaxy S8.

Leaked Galaxy Note 8 render (Credit: Ghostek/Forbes)

(Image credit: Leaked Galaxy Note 8 render (Credit: Ghostek/Forbes))

The Note 8's numbers popped up on Geekbench under a model number associated with Samsung's upcoming phone. According to the results, the Note 8 posted a single-core score of 1,984 and a multi-core score of 6,116 on the GeekBench 4 test of general performance.

Those are strong numbers that would place the Note 8 among the top-performing smartphones. But other phones have turned in better Geekbench numbers, including Samsung's only Galaxy S8. That's especially noteworthy, as the Note 8 features 6GB of performance-boosting RAM compared to 4GB in the S8.

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When Tom's Guide ran the GeekBench 4 test on the S8, we recorded single-core score of 1,846 and a multi-core score of 6,295. While the leaked Note 8 results show a better single-core score, the S8's multi-core number is higher. The leaked Note 8 benchmark also lags the 6,542 multi-core score turned in by the OnePlus 5, though we tested the model with 8GB of RAM.

Some caveats might explain the lower score. As BGR noted, the Note 8’s scores may not be precise, because the version tested was likely a prototype. The specific model tested includes an Exynos 8895 chip, meaning it’s destined for the European market — the U.S. model will likely ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, like the Galaxy S8. Android Headlines suggests the 1.69GHz clock speed listed at Geekbench could be referring to the processor's low-performance core.

Still, these leaked numbers aren't encouraging, especially in light of leaked benchmarks supposedly showing Apple's A11 processor blowing away Android phones. The A11 is likely to power the iPhone 8 when that phone debuts in the fall.

Performance is just one of the areas where Samsung needs to differentiate the Note 8 from the now similarly-sized Galaxy S8 phones. Reportedly, Samsung will also add dual cameras to the Note, which would be a first for Samsung phones.