Latest Galaxy S10+ Photo Confirms New Look

Can we say yet that we definitely know what the Plus version of Samsung’s next Galaxy S is going look like? After yet another leaked image reportedly of the upcoming phone, we just might be able to.

Credit: IceUniverse

(Image credit: IceUniverse)

After last week’s leak claiming to show off a picture of the Galaxy S10+ and its in-display, double selfie camera hole-punch design, the flagship device now seems to be back in a new leaked peek. The new look popped up today (Jan. 22) on Twitter courtesy of leaker IceUniverse.

That snap, spotted by gadget blog BGR, gives a bit less to look at than the earlier image posted to Reddit. In this new S10+ image, the device’s screen is turned off, and there’s a large digital sticker covering the majority of the phone’s midsection. What is visible: the same hole-punch in the top right corner of the phone’s screen that we saw in the Reddit leak.

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The S10+ picture we got last week was alleged taken on a bus in Suwon, Korea, headed to Samsung’s headquarters and shows the phone’s screen illuminated to let on just how small the display’s bezels are. And another Redditor, who has since deleted their account but claimed to be a Samsung employee, commented further on the leak to say the phone feels good, “lighter than Note 9 but about the same size,” they said.

Today’s glance by IceUniverse doesn’t offer as much info on sight or via its origin. But hey, we’ll take it as more confirmation that it sure seems like Samsung’s Galaxy S phones will be moving to the same Infinity-O display tech that the company first announced with the coming of its A8S phone in China.

The technique, which made its first appearance in the industry with today’s unveiling of the Honor View 20, is an answer to the screen top notch that Apple popularized with the iPhone X, which sparked many copycats among Android phone makers. Samsung, famously, never adopted the notch, maintaining small bezels on the top and bottom of its Galaxy smartphones up to this point.

Rumors have had the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup as the company’s first phones to feature a nearly bezel-free display design — with the smaller-screened S10 models (the S10 and S10 lite) getting a single, round in-screen hole-punch for its single selfie cam and the larger S10+ to feature a more oblong hole-punch for its dual selfie cam setup. So far, all the alleged real-life leaked pictures of the upcoming Galaxy S models have been of the S10+.

Samsung is expected to make its Galaxy S10 lineup official at a Feb. 20 event in San Francisco. The phones are then expected to launch a few weeks later in early March if Samsung follows its past rollout schedule.

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