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Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors: Characters, Release Date and More

The rumor mill is buzzing with talk about the next Grand Theft Auto game, which is confirmed to be in production.

GTA V saw an incredible console launch in 2013 and continues to see developer support for GTA Online, not to mention the robust modding community that has sprung up around GTA V on PC. Even with Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 around the corner, a sequel seems inevitable.

Here’s everything we know so far about GTA 6, including the latest rumors, potential release dates, and a few noteworthy quotes from the developers.

Latest GTA 6 Rumors

The latest GTA 6 rumors sprang up when motion capture actor Tim Neff posted an instagram photo of the Rockstar San Diego office logo. This lead to people finding a listing on an actor’s resume site called Breakdown Express as well as a listing on a stunt performer’s resume site called iStunt that credited Neff with mo cap work on the previously announced Red Dead Redemption 2 and “Grand Theft Auto 6”. With motion capture generally being something done far into production, it was immediately assumed through this resume leak that a GTA announcement may be on the horizon.

Later that day Tim Neff responded to the multitude of fan questions on his Twitter account by saying everything from flatly calling it fake and blaming the incident on “trolls” to stating “I don’t even have a breakdownexpress account.” The resume postings in question on both sites were later amended to change Neff’s credits to read “Grand Theft Auto 5” and “Red Dead Redemption”, despite Neff lacking any officially listed credit in either 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V or 2010’s Red Dead Redemption, according to IMDb. The Instagram photo of the Rockstar San Diego offices was also deleted from his Instagram account.

Finally, the credits were removed entirely from the Breakdown Express listing where it remains as of this article’s posting.

GTA 6 Characters and Setting

A source speaking to Tech Radar claimed Tokyo was at some point a location of interest for Rockstar production teams. However, there’s some doubt the next game will take place outside the U.S., as Rockstar VP Dan Houser told The Guardian that “my own personal feeling is that GTA is America.”

Based on what Rockstar president Leslie Benzies said when speaking with Digital Trends, the idea of connecting multiple cities featured in previous GTA games into one game has been considered. This means Rockstar may be making its largest game yet, and one that may revisit old locales. This could mean anything from fast traveling between San Andreas and Vice City or commuting directly between them on one giant map. Rockstar has a reputation for exponentially increasing the size of its game worlds, so a GTA game spanning the whole of a fictionalized United States might not be too crazy to consider.

If the next GTA does revisit old locations, it’s entirely possible we’ll see the return of some old cast members as well. GTA IV brought the series back to Liberty City after GTA III, so perhaps this time we’ll see another look at San Andreas or Vice City.

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GTA 6 Release Date 

Even if the speculation is accurate, I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about Grand Theft Auto 6 until E3 2018, at the earliest.However, big developers have been holding reveals closer to release dates to better control the messaging. If Red Dead Redemption 2 receives even some of the post-launch online support that GTA V did, then we may not see the first peeks at GTA 6 until 2019 or 2020.


It may be difficult to imagine that Rockstar is deep into the production of the next GTA game considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 still isn't out. However, it’s been close to five years since the last GTA game was released, and that’s roughly on par with how long we’ve waited between GTA games in the past.

Unfortunately, we’re not left with much else to go on without any official word from Rockstar. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with everything we know about Grand Theft Auto 6 as we find out more.

Images: Rockstar Games

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