Rockstar suffers major GTA 6 leak — here's what we know

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Update: GTA 6 release window may have just been leaked.

Grand Theft Auto VI may be one of the most anticipated games in development right now, but nobody needed more GTA 6 news this badly. 

First reported by our sister-site PC Gamer, a leaker named “teapotuberhacker” posted a mass of videos on GTAForums. Rockstar has confirmed that the 90 videos come from a test build of GTA 6. Due to the secrecy surrounding the game and the substantial nature of the files, this could represent the most significant leak in video game history. The videos are running with GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code and assets, which are any developer's most closely guarded secrets.

The videos from “teapotuberhacker” have already disappeared from many sites, but not before they made the rounds across social media. The leaker also claims to be responsible for a recent major Uber data breach, where they infiltrated Uber’s Slack channels to gain access to the company's internal systems. It appears that the hacker illegally obtained the GTA 6 footage through similar means. 

GTA 6 leak: Is it legit? 

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Since this GTA 6 leak occurred, many fans have wondered if the leaked footage is legitimate. Without getting into specifics — no spoilers in this article — the leaked footage shows scenes and dialogue that do seem to fit with the general vibe of past GTA games.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier confirmed via Twitter that the leaked footage is early, unfinished GTA 6 footage. Rockstar has also confirmed via a statement on Twitter that it did in fact suffer a major data breach, and that the footage is legitimate.

While we are hyped for the next GTA — especially after GTA 5 was a smash success — this leak potentially undermines years of work by Rockstar employees, whose digital security may now be compromised. Hopefully, we can move past this ugly incident and get some more ethically sourced GTA 6 rumors to pique our excitement in the near future.

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