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Report: The Galaxy X Will Fold Two-Thirds of the Way

It's widely known that Samsung is working on a smartphone that folds — the company has told us as much. What's less clear are the particulars about the phone, such as how exactly it will fold.

A new report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung is still working out the details. But one possibility is that the Galaxy X won't necessarily fold in half.

It sounds like the Galaxy X won't fold in half as this earlier Samsung prototype does. (Credit: Samsung)

(Image credit: It sounds like the Galaxy X won't fold in half as this earlier Samsung prototype does. (Credit: Samsung))

Instead, according to a report from ETNews, the screen on the Galaxy X would fold about two-thirds of the way. That design decision would leave a portion of the display always visible. Doing so allows the phone to display things like the time and incoming calls without requiring users to flip it open.

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The phone is expected to feature a 7-inch display. That's larger than the biggest phone in Samsung's lineup, the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 8. It would also be larger than the ZTE Axon M, another foldable phone that forms a 6.5-inch display when you fold out that phone.

This report on how the Galaxy X might fold is part of a larger look at the manufacturing efforts going into the new phone. ETNews says that Samsung is beginning trial production of foldable OLED panels with a goal of cranking out 100,000 units by the end of the year. Eventually, Samsung hopes to produce 1 million units by 2019, according to the report.

Samsung's success at producing the foldable panels at scale will have a clear impact on just when the Galaxy X makes its long-awaited debut. Right now, rumors have the phone debuting early next year, either at CES in January or more likely at February's Mobile World Congress. The manufacturing timeline laid out by ETNews would fit that schedule, assuming no delays in production.

Philip Michaels
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  • ta2025
    then it will probably fail
  • tallenglish
    Nobody will buy a phone that has built in capability of snapping if you try and fold it fully.
    Phone needs to fold completely (and be more like a tablet than just a fraction bigger than the Note 8).
    It also needs some mini screen on the reverse for time and some other notifications (what Samsung currently uses Always on Dislay for).