iPhone 11 Will Ship with This Major Camera Upgrade (Report)

Apple has big plans for the camera on the 2019 iPhone, according to a new report.

Credit: OnLeaks/DigitIndia

(Image credit: OnLeaks/DigitIndia)

The folks over at Apple-tracking site Macotakara have cited sources who claim to have knowledge of Apple's plans. These sources say that the company is planning a triple-lens camera system in this year's iPhone 11.

The report, which was floated in January by OnLeaks and DigitIndia in a mockup (above), suggests that Apple's triple-lens design will only be available in the higher-end versions of the iPhone 11 to entice folks to the more expensive options.

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Interestingly, the Macotakara report, which was earlier cited by 9to5Mac, suggests that the design floated in the OnLeaks report might be accurate. Specifically, Macotakara says that there will likely be a square area that houses the cameras in the iPhone 11. The report did not, however, say whether the cameras will be aligned in a triangle fashion as they are in the OnLeaks and DigitIndia render or if the flash and lenses will be in a square layout.

We've been hearing rumors for months now that suggest Apple is working on a triple-lens camera system to keep pace with Samsung, Huawei, and other companies that are eyeing more than just a dual-lens camera system. Much of the speculation centered on a report from The Wall Street Journal in January that said a triple-lens array was coming.

At that time, the Journal's sources said that Apple would make the camera array available on the higher-end versions, so many believed that it would only come to the replacement for the iPhone XS Max, which is currently the top pick on our best smartphone list. However, the Macotakara report says that Apple wants to offer the camera array on both the small and larger iPhone versions. Instead of differentiating the devices by screen size, it'll place the triple cameras on the handsets with more storage, according to the report.

However, we doubt that Apple would change up the design within a model line like this as you go from one storage capacity to another. It would cause more confusion for shoppers.

What will Apple do with this extra rear camera? The Galaxy S10 has a third ultra-wide angle camera that can produce more dramatic-looking images, so it's possible Apple may introduce something similar.

For its part, Apple has remained tight-lipped on its plans for the iPhone 11 and likely won't say anything, until it's ready to unveil the new smartphone this fall. But look for many more iPhone 11 rumors — and predictions on Apple's iPhone camera plans — as time goes on.

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