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Amazon Just Slashed Its HDTV Antenna to $10

Amazon is making it easier than ever to cut the cord. The e-commerce giant is discounting its line of AmazonBasics HDTV antennas with prices as low as $9.99.

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Purchasing an HDTV antenna is the ultimate money saver because unlike opting for a paired-down cable plan or streaming service, an HDTV antenna has no monthly fee attached.

Moreover, in addition to pulling in major networks like NBC and ABC, an HDTV antenna can also get you access to local sports — something few streaming services offer.

Antennas are classified by their range. For example, a 30-mile antenna will pull in stations from towers located 30 miles away, whereas a 50-mile antenna will receive transmissions from up to 50 miles away. Sites like Antenna Web can help you estimate what range antenna you need for your address.

Amazon offers three antennas: a 25-mile antenna for $9.99 ($3 off), 35-mile antenna for $12.99 ($7 off), and a 50-mile antenna for $23.99 ($4 off).

Each antenna can receive 1080p programming and comes with a 6-, 10-, or 16-foot coaxial cable, respectively.

In our hands-on review of Amazon's 35-mile antenna, we were able to receive a respectable 34 channels, making it one of the best antennas on the market.