The Table Perfect for Your 52'' LCD

If that pricey LCD HDTV is the pride and joy of your living room, why not encase it in some style? The Siamun Motorized Flat Screen Stand is a wine rack, mini bar, and TV Stand combo, with various compartments designed to keep your stuff out of sight

With everything tucked away, Siamun's creation looks a typical wood table with chrome support and accents. Only the small control panel situated above the cabinet doors gives anything away. Push a button and something special happens. The rear panel opens to reveal your TV mounted on a motorized frame (maximum size supported: 52") that brings the set up for your viewing pleasure.

The top drawers are apparently for your manuals and the like. The lower compartment is multi-purpose containing the mini bar, wine rack, drawers for your players, and media storage. Total size of the whole setup (with the everything closed and the TV retracted) is a humongous 55.5" x 26" x 35", with weight at a heavy 200 pounds. Clearly, you'll need a large living room to house this TV stand!

The problem with Siamun's offering is that the relatively gaudy chrome may turn off homeowners with more understated tastes. The $4500 list price is also beyond the reach of most buyers. Worse, based on Siamun's product page, the motorized stand is customized for your TV upon order. This means using the stand with another model may not be possible.

Siamun Motorized Flat Screen Stand ($4500)