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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW

Response Times

Until recently, 2 ms monitors were lauded by gamers for their excellent response times, and this particular model is currently the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, its time at the top might not last beyond Christmas.

The arrival of monitors with 120 Hz refresh rates is imminent, and they are going to change the way we look at display hardware.

Nevertheless, without any real test results as yet, the promised improvements remain a long way off.

With their SyncMaster 2253bw, Samsung is leaving behind the curvy lines of their earlier models for a very squared off look, albeit one in the same glossy black plastic that we know and love.

As elsewhere in their range, a careful design is paired with fairly minimal functionality.
Apart from on their T series of monitors that offer an HDMI port, the rest of Samsungs lineup only offers VGA and DVI options for connectivity, as well as a stand that allows for tilting the screen back slightly.

The only difference here is that the 2253bwis on a larger stand, allowing for a little more movement, but it's nothing like the flexibility offered by the Hyundai W220D, for example.

Another similarity to earlier Samsung models that we noticed very quickly was a dominance of blue in the 2253bw's color handling under the default settings. 

Switching the monitor to its 'Warm' setting using the menu improves things, and would merit an extra star in our ratings if it worked straight out of the box.

While the 2253BW has its issues with color out of the box, the monitor absolutely blows all of our previous records for response time out of the water.

Its output lag, or the delay it shows compared to a monitor with a cathode ray tube, is normally just a single frame, virtually eliminating the frustrating phenomena of LCD panels whose images trail behind gameplay.

Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW
  • Response time
  • Good Contrast
  • Zero dead pixel guarantee for two weeks
  • Poor default color configuration
  • Weak design
  • Disappointing viewing angle
  • This screen actually looks like a monitor, and not the entry-level TV that so many manufacturers seem keen to ape these days. Technically speaking, its strongest feature has to be it's record-breaking response time.