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The $15,000 Toilets at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

I've been on holiday, so I spent the last week sleeping in, playing StarCraft II and reading trashy magazines, which included plenty of column inches devoted to Chelsea Clinton's wedding. The nuptials supposedly cost just over $5 million and Chelsea's dress was a beautiful Vera Wang creation with a price tag of more than $25,000.

The wedding was extravagant and I'm sure all the itty-bitty details of place cards and morning-after brunches are captivatingly interesting, but the part I got most excited about were the high-tech porta-loos.

Oh yes, if you attended the former first daughter's wedding, you got to pee in style in one of the fanciest porta-loos around. Decked out with flushing porcelain toilets and urinals, stereos, lights and hot water (and probably hand towels too), these aren't impressive as far as regular bathrooms go (where are the telephones and flat screens?). But where porta-loos are concerned, these are pretty high-tech and definitely not the same bog roll deficient porta-loos we've all come across at some point or another in our lives.

How much do these cost? TMZ reports that the Clintons forked out about $15,000 for between four and six of the trailers. I'm adding this to the list for when I become rich and famous and, eventually, a lady of leisure.

Source: TMZ via Gizmodo