Apple’s new 11-inch iPad Pro could be super hard to buy at launch — here’s why

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The rumored new iPad Pro 2024 (c’mon, it’s definitely happening at this point) looks like it could launch before the end of the month with huge upgrades. As someone who adores display tech, the persistent reports of the new Pros being treated to OLED screens for the first time is a hugely exciting prospect for my obsessive eyes. But it looks like there might be bad news in regards to the latest 11-inch iPad Pro. 

Analyst Ross Young has put out a paid subscriber post on X stating that production on the smaller new iPad Pro 2024 “looks to be behind” the 12.9-inch version (thanks, 9to5Mac). The potential impact on folks thirsting after the 11-inch tablet? It may be difficult to obtain one at launch thanks to supply issues.

A factor that could be causing these potential issues is that there are two different manufacturers collaborating on the production of the latest iPad Pro. It’s being reported that Samsung Display is currently making OLED screens for the smaller of the new tablets, while LG Display could also start helping with the production of panels for the 11-incher at some point before the rumored late March/early April launch. 

OLED iPads could soon be upon us

iPad Pro 2022

The iPad Pro 2022 is an amazing tablet, but we're desperate to see an updated model with an OLED screen.  (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

As for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it looks like LG Display is already producing OLED panels for a tablet I’m incredibly excited for as the owner of the iPad Pro 2021 (12.9-inch). Its mini-LED screen produces convincing black levels, sure. But let’s be honest, OLED is OLED. Nothing beats the king of screen tech when it comes to producing effortlessly inky blacks. 

Hopefully the alleged 11-inch iPad Pro production issues Samsung Display is contending with won’t last long, and that LG Display jumping in to assist with manufacturing should hopefully mean any supply issues won’t last long.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty to be excited about for fans of Apple’s legendary tablet range ahead of the iPad Pro 2024’s rumored release within the next month. Not only could it launch with a third-generation Apple Pencil, it looks like it will be powered by the Apple M3 chip, which should offer significant performance and battery life boosts over the M2-powered iPad Pro 2022

A new storage option of 2TB may also be on the cards (presumably at a hefty premium), the latest Pro could move the FaceTime camera from the top of the device to the side to help make video calls more natural when the tablet is placed in landscape mode. And if all of those additions weren’t enough, there’s also talk of a redesigned Magic Keyboard with an upgraded aluminum finish to make it look more like the MacBook Pro M3

In the here and now, try to stay chipper, Apple fans. Let’s hope these rumored production problems with the new 11-inch iPad Pro are short lived and that you’ll soon be able to enjoy a device which is shaping up to be a truly phenomenal OLED tablet. 

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