Samsung QN100B 98-inch Neo QLED TV hands on

Now this is big

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Early Verdict

The Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV measures 98-inches, making it one of the biggest TVs you can actually buy. Though Mini LED backlighting and beefy speakers round out the “at-home theater” experience, prepare for serious sticker shock.


  • +

    Huge, bezel-less display

  • +

    Bright picture

  • +

    Crisp deatils

  • +

    Impressive sound


  • -

    Ridiculously expensive

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Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV specs

Price: $40,000
Screen size: 98 inches
Model: QN98QN100BFXZA
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
Ports: 4 HDMI via One Connect
Audio: 120W
Smart TV Software: Tizen
Size (without stand): 85.7 x 49 x 0.8 inches
Weight (without stand): 184.3 pounds
ATSC 3.0 support? No

Samsung is making it possible for you to bring the movie theater home. The company’s biggest QLED TV yet looks to pair Mini LED backlighting with cinema-level sound for a viewing experience that might’ve just ruined average-sized TVs for me.

The 98-inch Neo QLED QN100B TV is an evolution of the Samsung QN90B, one of the company's flagship Neo QLED 4K smart TV models this year. Yet the QN90B configurations max out at 85-inches which, for some people, simply might not be enough screen. 

With the Neo QLED QN100B TV, Samsung is taking the demand for big smart TVs seriously. But don’t get it wrong — the set and its $40,000 price tag are reserved for the premium market. So while we won’t be getting into our lab to run our regular series of tests, I did get to spend a few hours with the set for a hands-on Neo QLED QN100B TV review. 

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV price and availability

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV with woman in front

(Image credit: Future)

The Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV comes in the singular 98-inch configuration and is available now for $39,999, making it one of the most expensive TVs I’ve ever seen that someone can actually buy. The two other units that come to mind are both LG’s $100,000 Signature OLED R rolling TV and $25,000 97-inch G2 OLED TV.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV hands-on: Design

In terms of design, the Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV doesn’t look all that much different than the QN90B, other than the fact that it’s massive. I actually saw this TV mounted at CEDIA in Dallas just after it was initially announced, but the show floor didn’t do it justice. Seeing it in a space more similar to a living room’s size, the 98-inch screen is truly a spectacle. A bezel-less effect enhances the illusion.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV

(Image credit: Future)

The set features 4 HDMI ports (capable of 120Hz) housed in a One Connect box that’s intended for concealed cable management. If you position the TV on a central stand, as was the case for my demo, the One Connect box tucks conveniently into an entertainment cabinet. Should you want to hand the TV, you’ll need a 600 x 400 Vesa mount. The set is less than 1-inch thick, so it’ll sit rather flush to a wall.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV hands-on: Performance

The QN100B Neo QLED TV is powered by a Mini LED panel. When controlled properly, Mini LED results in rich HDR performance with precise dimming zones. Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K is the brains behind the operation, tasked with balancing the TV’s motion handling and brightness abilities.

Samsung advertises 5,000 nits peak brightness, or double the brightness of the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV. That was one of the best TVs we ever tested in terms of brightness, so if the QN100B is actually significantly brighter, that would be impressive. I can’t verify that claim with lab results or see the set side-by-side with other models; however, the TV seemed seriously bright even when I tested it against the room’s overhead LED lighting. I imagine it would hold up quite well in rooms with natural light as well.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV

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One concern with the brightness levels is control. In shadowy scenes, namely every office-based disciplinary meeting in Top Gun: Maverick, I saw the Samsung QN100B struggle a bit with the contrast around the actor’s heads. There were occasional moments of artifacts on ground scenes, too, though surprisingly the set handled the motions of the aircrafts extremely well. Whether it was spinning helicopter propellers, mission practice runs or a high-stakes dog fight, none of the movie’s action was compromised. 

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV

(Image credit: Future)

Better yet, the big screen provided great clarity. I clearly saw the textures of the naval uniforms, the barely-there stubble on Tom Cruise’s face, the details of the cockpits and more. I guess you don’t miss out on nuances when you’re watching a nearly 100-inch TV.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV hands-on: Audio

The Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV features 120W, 6.4.4-channel sound with Dolby Atmos, leveraging an upgraded version of the company's Object Tracking Sound technology called Cinema Object Tracking Sound. While Object Tracking Sound on Samsung’s other TVs has proven effective, on a screen this size, the movement of sound across the screen is further emphasized. Throughout Top Gun: Maverick, my ears follow jets racing across North Island’s skies. 

If you're getting this TV you'll probably invest in a full home entertainment setup complete with a soundbar and sub, but it's good to know the audio might be able to hold its own. Otherwise, with Q Symphony, the TV’s built-in speakers work with peripheral speakers for the ultimate degree of immersion. In my experience with the QN100B, this resulted in voices layering over the plane engines and cockpit alerts during the film’s training scenes. 

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV hands-on: Smart features

While I watched Top Gun: Maverick via Blu-Ray player, the Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV is also a capable smart TV with access to dozens of streaming apps through the Tizen platform. The apps range from the best streaming services to sports content to fitness programs.

This TV also has Samsung’s Gaming Hub and its library of cloud gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Luna. That said, if you’re exploring Samsung’s current display options, the 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark is more of a dedicated gaming monitor.

Not only that, like all Samsung 2022 TVs, the Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV has SmartThings built-in. This will let it function as a Matter home control as the protocol rolls out. Who needs a countertop smart display for managing your smart home devices when you have a 98-inch TV, I guess?

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV hands-on: Remote

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV

(Image credit: Future)

The Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV comes with the latest version of Samsung’s Eco Remote that not only supports solar charging but also a USB-C connector. It’s rather slim and uniform in design, with a minimalistic button array. It also features four dedicated launchers — Netflix, Samsung TV Plus, Prime Video and Disney Plus. If you use these services frequently, the remote will seem especially useful.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV outlook

With a ridiculously high price, the Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV isn’t one that I’d truly recommend to most people. A projector is a more cost-effective option for establishing a big screen in your room. Plus, without lab testing the set, there’s no way to verify how it stacks up to other top-rated Mini LED TVs. 

That said, if you’re a premium customer with a large living room, look no further for your ultimate AV splurge. 

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