REM-Fit Pocket 1000 Mattress review 2024

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 Mattress is a budget mattress that punches above its weight

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Tom's Guide Verdict

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is an impressive hybrid mattress for the price. Offering comfortable memory foam and above-average 16cm springs, all individually pocketed, it hits a sweet spot of solid support and comfort. Dedicated side-sleepers may require a softer feel, and we found it slept warm on occasion, but otherwise, it's a great all-rounder that will suit many people's needs.


  • +

    Great value for money

  • +

    Best for side and back sleepers

  • +

    Low level of motion transfer


  • -

    Edge support is lacking

  • -

    Not the coolest sleep

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REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review in brief

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is the latest budget mattress from the award-winning UK-based company. By squarely going after the average customer, it's an impressive all-rounder option that does several things well, and a couple of things excellently relative to its low price. We go into more detail in our full REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review but if you're only here for the highlights, here's what you need to know about this affordable hybrid and whether we now rate it as one of the best mattresses for most sleepers...

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress specs

Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, 1,000 (12-16cm) pocket springs, hypoallergenic cover
Firmness: Medium-firm (7/10; we rate it as 6-6.5)
Depth: 20cm
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: 15 years
RRP: From £379

This five-layer hybrid of foam and springs has a similar design to its more expensive siblings, including a layer of open-cell foam and a removable cover you can throw in the wash. The biggest difference between them is the number of springs. As the name suggests, you'll find 1,000 12-16cm tall pocket springs here which are above-average sizes.

Officially rated a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, our testers think it's between a 6 and a 6.5. That's still medium-firm. Both of our testers liked it for side and back sleeping, although we reckon strict side sleepers may want a touch more contouring. Stomach sleepers may find it okay, but perhaps not quite firm enough.

As far as performance goes, the Pocket 1000 has cleverly picked its battles, offering OK edge support but above-average motion isolation. That means it will appeal to the partners of fidgety sleepers, but not to those that value edge support above all else – for example, if you need a sturdy edge to push on to get up in the morning, this might not be the best choice for you.

Temperature regulation here is also very good. Our testers originally slept on the Pocket 1000 mattress during the summer. However, our testers did note that the upper layers of foam were a little prone to trapping body heat. They never found that warmth uncomfortable, but it might be a deal-breaker for chronically hot sleepers.

RRPs have fluctuated over the last several months but the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is still a great value at under £350 for a double after regular sales. You'll also avail of freebies – either pillows or a mattress protector – to sweeten the deal. Though it's not perfect, the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is still a great choice in terms of pure value for its overall sound performance.

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review: Price & trial

  • A budget hybrid that never sells at full RRP
  • Comes with a 100-night trial and a 15-year guarantee
  • Also includes bonus accessories or free mattress removal

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress is the cheapest hybrid mattress in REM-Fit's full range. RRPs have risen over the last several months but REM-Fit runs sales all of the time. A double size currently retails for £665 but you'll find it on sale for as low as £332.50 after 50% off.

For wider context, the Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid, which we deem the best hybrid mattress for small budgets, retails for £189 in a double and is rarely discounted due to its already-low price point. But the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is a better quality mattress, slightly firmer, with more impressive motion isolation. It's also much easier to find in stock than the Linenspa, so we think it's worth paying the extra money for guaranteed availability, too.

Here are the standard and sale prices for all sizes of the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 for 2024:

  • Single size: RRP £529 (usually sells for £264.50)
  • Double size: RRP £665 (usually sells for £332.50) 
  • King size: RRP £749 (usually sells for £374.50)
  • Super king size: RRP 885 (usually sells for £442.50)

In addition to discounted prices, you'll also get a free item with purchase. The product choice tends to vary from pillows and mattress protectors. Right now, you'll receive a pair of Rem-FIT Luxury Memory Foam Crumb Pillows free, a £118 value. Shop around major mattress sale events like Black Friday or Boxing Day and you could avail of other perks, like free removal of your existing mattress. 

Judging this mattress on its current price, and in the context of the wider market, the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is great value for money, especially when you factor in the freebies plus the standard extras: a 100-night trial and 15-year guarantee. 

See the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress at REM-Fit

See the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress at REM-Fit
RRPs have risen but so have the discounts. Right now, you can get 50% off the entire size range of the Pocket 1000 Hybrid, with a free pair of pillows included. With a double going for £332.50 after discount, this medium-firm mattress is ideal for side-sleepers on a budget. 

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review: Design

  • A 5-layer, 20cm deep hybrid of foam and springs
  • 12 - 16cm tall pocket springs offer zoned support
  • Has a removable, washable top cover

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress has five layers, including a removable, washable, slightly padded cover. Beneath that is a layer of pressure-relieving open-cell comfort foam, with a high-density foam base for contoured support. 

A close-up of the top cover for the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 Mattress review

(Image credit: Future / Beren Neale)

Between those foam layers are 12-16cm tall pocket springs, which offer zoned support. Since the springs are independently separated, there's no chance of the 'roll-together' that you'll experience when springs bleed into each other. A high-density foam wall surrounds these horizontal layers, providing edge-to-edge structure and support

Although it's the most affordable hybrid mattress by REM-Fit, the Pocket 1000 still offers many of the same features as its more advanced models. The most obvious difference between the Pocket 1000 and the rest of the REM-Fit range is the number of pocket springs, which range from 2,000 to 4,000 across the more expensive models. The Pocket 1000 also comes in fewer sizes (4) than the rest of the line (10).

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review: Support & comfort

  • Officially a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale; we rate it 6 to 6.5
  • Foams mould to your shape but spring back quickly
  • Most comfortable for side and back sleeping

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is an all-rounder, and so hits a sweet spot of firmness and sinking comfort that this male writer and his female partner greatly appreciated. Both 5 '10 and between 11-13st, we are side, front and back sleepers, and found there to be solid support throughout the night, coupled with a firmness that feels a little bit more like a 6-6.5 out of 10 than the advertised 7.

A slightly padded cover lies on top of a layer of 'cooling' memory foam that's enjoyably soft, yet retains its shape perfectly. This means you feel it's moulding to your body, but it responds as soon as you shift and move in bed. 

Using 5kg weights to measure pressure relief for our REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review

(Image credit: Future / Beren Neale)

Placing 5kg weights in the middle of the mattress produced around a 3cm indentation, and with its medium level of support and sink, the 1000 Pocket was extremely comfortable for our testers, regardless of how they lay. Though anecdotal, during their month-long use, it went some way to alleviate a recent bout of sports-related back pain.

As a side-sleeper, our male tester found the memory foam deep enough to accommodate his shoulder and prevent pressure buildup, though some side-sleepers who are used to memory foam mattresses may want a little more depth here.

In either case, our tester's back felt straight and natural when sleeping on his side, with his spine and pelvis feeling aligned thanks to the pocket-spring support. Though he's not a natural front sleeper he didn’t find that position uncomfortable either, though a firmer mattress would be better suited to that position. His partner found back-sleeping to be perfectly comfortable and supportive and she also found it suitable for side sleeping.

REM-Fit site recommends that all buyers wait at least 30 days before raising a return, as it can take some time for your body to get used to the new hybrid mattress. (This is the norm among most mattress brands, as you need to allow your body time to acclimate to a new sleep surface.)

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review: Performance

  • Great motion isolation
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Average edge support

For our REM-Fit 1000 Pocket mattress review, we slept on the double-size bed for over a month and evaluated its motion isolation, edge support and cooling. Let's take a look at how it fared. 

Motion isolation

A double bed is obviously meant to support two bodies comfortably, but often with cheaper beds, when your partner moves in the night, you can all-too-keenly feel the movement. However, we found the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 offered excellent motion isolation, thanks to the combination of movement-absorbing foams and independently pocketed springs.

Both primary sleepers on our review panel are prone to shifting around a lot in their sleep and were pleasantly surprised at how little they felt the other's movements. That's not to say they couldn't feel movement at all, but it's so slight that it certainly didn't wake the other person up.

Testing motion isolation using a weight, empty wine glass and a tape measure for our REM-Fit Pocket 1000 Mattress review

(Image credit: Future / Beren Neale)

To demonstrate this motion isolation in a practical test, our tester dropped a 2.5kg weight 4, 10 and 25 inches away from an empty wine glass, placed in the middle of the mattress. 

There was little movement at the greatest distance and a slight 'glass of water in Jurassic Park' level of movement at 10 inches. At 4 inches there was a good wobble, but certainly not enough to upend the glass, as is the case in some mattresses. 

Overall, the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is a strong choice for restless sleepers as well as those who share a bed.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Temperature regulation 

Temperature regulation is a key feature for the modern mattress, and certainly something you'd expect great results in the mid- to high-end models. But what about a budget mattress? Well, it's a bit of a mixed bag for the Pocket 1000. Although much is made of the 'cooling' memory foam, we found it to certainly sleep on the warmer side, compared to an innerspring mattress, for example. 

This isn't too surprising. Foams – and especially cheaper foams – do tend to cling on to body heat. On top of that, as the foam moulds around your body, more surface area of your body is touching material, which exacerbates the issue. 

Feeling the top cover of the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress

(Image credit: Future / Beren Neale)

Our testers had had most issues with this at the start of the review period – the extra warmth was noticeable, especially coming from an innerspring model with only a thin foam top layer. However, by the end of the month-long reviewing period, they were acclimated to the Pocket 1000, and felt pleasantly temperate at all times.

The testing period covered one month in a UK summer in 2023, which included muggy and warm nights, with light linen and a thin summer duvet being used. At no point was the warmth of the mattress unbearable, and as noted, it actually lessened as the testing period went on, but we imagine the more advanced foams and extra springs included in REM-Fit's pricier models would provide a cooler experience.

Score: 4 out of 5 

Edge support

Edge support is important to give you the momentum to propel yourself off the bed in the morning. It also maximises the usable surface of a mattress, as you can tuck yourself right up close to the edge confidently with really good edge support, with zero risk of falling out of bed. 

The edge support of the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is decent – neither amazing nor woeful. Placing a 5kg weight on each side of the bed resulted in a 10cm sink, which isn't great considering the centre of the mattress only had a 3cm indentation when using the same weights.

A closer look at the edge of the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress

(Image credit: Future / Beren Neale)

You can certainly feel support there when getting in and out of bed, but it's not particularly noticeable. You can sit on the side edges without slipping off, but there is noticeably less edge support at the foot end of the mattress (which is less important, as you won't be sleeping up against it).

It certainly hits the minimum requirement of good edge support, but if this is an important feature to you, you will certainly be able to find better edge support out there (though maybe in a more mid-range price bracket).

Score: 3.5 out of 5 

Delivery and setup

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 Mattress at the top of our tester's steps

(Image credit: Future / Beren Neale)

REM-Fit offers a free two-person delivery service, and although the website says that it’s delivered to your desired room, our tester's mattress only made it to the front door. This wasn't ideal, as he twinged his back yanking up the stairs. 

However, delivery was quick, and once two people were lifting the double-size mattress, it was easy to move it upstairs. It comes with a mattress cutter, a razor blade in a plastic casing that cuts through the plastic casing without any risk of marking the mattress or cutting yourself.

REM-Fit says the mattress is ready to sleep in around two hours after laying it out, and that was accurate. There were no off-gassing odours when opening the mattress out, even when shutting the doors, and full inflation of the mattress probably happened within half the suggested time. 

For an extra £29, the 2-person delivery service will also collect and dispose of your old mattress. This is a nice amenity if you don't want to be fussed about getting rid of a mattress yourself.

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review: Customer reviews

  • Exclusively available from the REM-Fit site
  • Few reviews for the Pocket 1000, and they're mixed
  • REM-Fit as a brand have 4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot (February 2024)

As of February 2024, the Pocket 1000 is still REM-Fit's most recent mattress release, and so there aren't many user reviews online, though the company is keen to highlight that its other range of mattresses have earned it the title of UK's most-awarded mattresses. This of course does not reflect on the 1000, but the company as a whole and its output. 

After some time scrolling through user reviews, there was only a smattering of Pocket 1000-specific reviews to reference. Most customers seem pleased with its level of comfort, but a few say that it's too hard or too soft. (Of course, firmness is subjective.) We'll update this section, including any comments on longer-term durability, when more reviews are available. 

Should you buy the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress?

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress is the company's budget offering, and after more than a month of use, our testers think it offers some great quality for the price. At less than £350 for a double, you're getting a comfortable hybrid mattress that offers solid support and deep comfort. 

It's not the coolest of sleeps, but it's also not uncomfortably warm. The edge support is also not the best, but again for the price, it offers a range of decent features that make it a solid all-rounder. If you're concerned about waking your partner or vice versa, rest easy knowing that motion isolation here is excellent.

As a medium-firm mattress, the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is more suited to less-heavy people of all sleeping positions (side, front and back). However, sleepers that exclusively opt for their side may require a less firm mattress for even deeper relief whilst front sleepers may want something firmer. 

Of course, you can always try the REM-Fit Pocket 1000 for free for 100 nights and see for yourself. After all, getting the ideal mattress for your needs is personal, but we can certainly attest to the quality and comfort of this mattress.

REM-Fit Pocket 1000 mattress review: Alternatives

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