iOS 18 brings two hidden upgrades to the Weather app — here's what's new

Weather app on an iPhone 12 running iOS 17 and showing a flood warning
(Image credit: Future)

More hidden iOS 18 features are being discovered by users trying out the developer betas, including two new additions to the ever-useful Weather app.

The first of these is a change to the temperature display settings. In a screenshot shared by 9to5Mac, the actual temperature appears at the top of the Weather app like usual, but the app now also displays a "Feels like" temperature reading, which accounts for wind speed and humidity's effect on the temperature, just below. 

Apple Weather already showed you this figure if you scrolled down the page. But having it at the top is common among other weather apps, so it's good to see Apple learn by example.

A screenshot of the iOS 18 Weather app, featuring a Home location tag and a Feels Like temperature at the top of the screen

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

However, Apple's given this feature a little extra iOS sauce to make it more unique. The Weather app only displays the "Feels like" if there's an appreciable difference between it and the actual temperature. That should reduce clutter on the main Weather app interface most of the time, although you'll have to rely on the app's algorithm to decide when the difference is enough for you to know about it.

Warm conditions at home — cold and damp at the office

The other newly-found change in the Weather app is that your home and work locations are now automatically added to your tracked locations by reading them from your Contacts card. This could prove useful if there's a big distance between where you live and work, plus it'll automatically update if you move house or job (assuming you update Contacts first).

These changes should apply to iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia as well as iOS 18. These arguably pale in comparison to more spectacular changes like the introduction of Apple Intelligence, the new iPhone home screen customization options, automated equation solving in Math Notes and iPhone Mirroring on your Mac. But given how often at least I use the Weather app, I can imagine this change could actually have the most impact out of anything Apple introduces in its software this year.

iOS 18 should enter a more accessible public beta in the next few weeks, but its full launch is slated for Fall of this year. It'll likely debut alongside the iPhone 16 series, which should appear in September as with previous iPhone launches.

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