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The Google Pixel 8a is official, and it's shaping up to be one of the best cheap phones this year, primarily because it follows its predecessor's U.S. pricing. Rather than waiting to show off the phone at Google I/O, where the Pixel A Series models typically debut, Google opted to give the Pixel 8a its own surprise announcement. And that means you can preorder the Pixel 8a right now. 

Unlike its flagship Pixel 8 models, Google's keeping the same $499 starting cost for the Pixel 8a. It's a welcome relief given how the Pixel 8 Pro got a $100 price hike when it was announced alongside the Pixel 8. If that's not enough to entice you, then maybe perhaps the new phone's seven years of software and security updates could make it more compelling for you to buy into it. And finally, there are four color options to choose from — along with an extra 256GB option if the base 128GB model doesn't offer enough capacity.

Preordering the Pixel 8a right now can also bringt additional savings and deals, which we'll dial into below. You can expect the Pixel 8a to land in Google's Store and other retailers starting on May 14.

When do Google Pixel 8a preorders open?

Google isn't taking a break  when it comes to its Pixel 8a preorders — you can snag one right now. You could can point your web browser to Google's Store, which also comes with a special limited time deal.

If you place a preorder directly through Google, you'll earn $100 in Google Store credits. You can then use those credits later on buying other gadgets like a pair of Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Watch 2, or a Fitbit tracker.

Don't wait too long to take advantage of this special offer because it ends May 19. 

Google Pixel 8a preorder deals to consider

While going through Google directly would be the obvious way to get an unlocked version of the phone, there are other preorder deals that are backed by even more generous savings. Here's what to consider:


Free $100 gift card with preorder
Best Buy's offering one of the best Pixel 8a preorder deals around, which packages in a $100 gift card when you preorder it. Between now and May 19, you ca also save up to $499 on the phone with a qualifying trade in.

Google Pixel 8a:free w/new service @ Verizon

Google Pixel 8a: free w/new service @ Verizon
Verizon has one irresistible Pixel 8a preorder right now. You can get the Pixel 8a for free when you start a new line on any of its myPlan accounts. And best of all, there's no trade-in of any kind required to get the Pixel 8a for free.


Get a free Pixel Watch 2 when you preorder Pixel 8a
Even though you'll still have to pay $5.99/month over 36 months for a Pixel 8a with AT&T, the carrier is sweetening its deal by throwing in a free Pixel Watch 2 that pairs nicely with the new Android phone. Note that the $5.99 monthly charge is a discount off the regular $14.45 payment.

Free Pixel 8a with a trade in

Free Pixel 8a with a trade in
T-Mobile's Pixel 8a offer is a bit different, so you'll need to read the details on how you can get Google's phone for free. For example, you can get it for free when adding a line on most plans or trading in an eligible device on one of the carrier's Go5G plans.


Get $100 in Google Store credits until May 19
By going through Google directly, you can earn $100 in Google Store credits when you preorder the Pixel 8a. You can use your credit on getting some Pixel 8a accessories or another Google device.


Free $100 Amazon gift card with preorder
Amazon is throwing in a free $100 gift card when you preorder the Pixel 8a. Since it's an Amazon gift card, you can use it to make purchases on just about anything, including deliveries with Amazon Fresh.

How much does the Google Pixel 8a cost?

Google's keeping the same $499 starting cost with the Pixel 8a. That's for the 128GB storage option. However, new this year is a 256GB model that fetches for $559. The more expensive model might be worth it for those who simply crave more local storage on their phones for photos, videos, and other content.

What do you get from the Google Pixel 8a?

When it comes to affordable phones, the Pixel 8a is no slouch. Much like its predecessors, it's bringing along incredible value that few other phones can match. Some of the Pixel 8a's hardware upgrades include a 120Hz refresh rate with its 6.1-inch Actua display and a Tensor G3 chip under the hood. There's plenty more that we detail with the Pixel 8a's biggest upgrades.

While the hardware upgrades are great, Google differentiates its budget phone by injecting it with nearly the same set of AI features found with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro before it. They really save users time by streamlining tasks that would otherwise be time consuming, like Magic Editor's ability to use generative AI to edit photos, or Audio Magic Eraser to remove unwanted background noise in videos you capture.

The Pixel 8a really puts pressure on other phones because it's abundantly clear Google wants people to use its phones for a long time. That's why it's really remarkable that the company is setting a new bar by supporting the Pixel 8a with 7 years worth of major Android and security updates.

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