Netflix just got a killer new feature — yup, short-ass movies are here

Netflix Short-Ass Movies
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Lately it feels like movies are getting longer and longer (and it's not just The Batman’s butt-numbing three hour runtime, but that's the latest prime example). While some movies justify demanding almost a whole afternoon to consume, plenty could do with a little trim. Netflix seems to be aware of this issue, and the streaming service’s latest hidden feature is targeting anyone who prefers short movies. 

And while I felt like nobody was seeing this issue, a recent Saturday Night Live sketch poked fun at the average viewer lacking the attention span to watch long movies with a rap about the joys of "Short-Ass Movies." And I (finally) felt seen. Even better, in response Netflix has made a whole secret playlist dedicated to movies that can be enjoyed in around 90 minutes. 

The playlist is, of course, called "Short-Ass Movies" and can be accessed right here. There’s plenty of films worth watching on the page as well. Highlights include comedy classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1 hour and 32 minutes), chilling horror The Perfection (1:30) and dramatic thriller Windfall (1:32). The latter is a recent Netflix original film that has flown under the radar and deserves more love. 

The Netflix Short-Ass Movies section

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There’s also critically-adored awards fair such as Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (1:34) and a whole load of independent dramas, perfect if you want to watch something a little different. Crucially, many of the movies included in the hidden playlist aren’t just short, but also really good. And remember in the time it takes you to watch a single three-hour epic, you could watch two of these short ass movies. 

This collection of movies that err on the short side is far from Netflix’s only hidden content category. In fact the streaming service has a whole range of additional playlists that can only be accessed by entering numerical codes. Some of our favorites can be found in our roundup of the best Netflix hidden features. Alternatively, you can also browse the full list of hidden categories codes if you’re after something specific.

Meanwhile, if your attention span doesn’t even stretch far enough for a 90 minute movie, why not check out Old Enough? This Netflix hidden gem comes in bite sized episodes of no more than 20 minutes and follows very young children tasked with running errands by themselves for the first time. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s one of the most uniquely charming Netflix shows we’ve ever seen. 

Oh, and about that new Doctor Strange 2 trailer? Looks like two MCU characters are coming back, in one way or another. Meanwhile, Netflix has also confirmed that Locke & Key is ending after three seasons, but don't call it a cancelation.  

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