Forget The Adam Project — this is the best new Netflix movie

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Netflix has just got a brand new original movie that you absolutely need to watch. No, I’m not referring to The Adam Project, which jumped to the top of the Netflix most watched list over the weekend. I’m instead talking about Windfall.

Never heard of Windfall? I’m not surprised. The thriller seems to have fallen through the cracks as the big red streaming service has instead opted to focus its marketing efforts on the latest Ryan Reynolds blockbuster. However, Windfall is well worth seeking out, even if the Netflix algorithm doesn’t seem to be giving it much love.

Windfall is a single-location thriller that follows a robbery gone wrong. After a thief breaks into the holiday home of a wealthy tech CEO, he’s forced to take the mogul and his wife hostage after they unexpectedly show up at the house. Things quickly spiral further out of control as all three parties look for a way out of this predicament.   

The film stars Jason Segel as the robber, Jesse Plemons as the CEO and Lily Collins as his wife. Collins is no stranger to Netflix, with her own Netflix show Emily in Paris being renewed for a third and fourth season earlier this year. Segel is also a familiar face for many having played Marshall Eriksen in popular television sitcom How I Met Your Mother for nine year. 

Windfall is the perfect Netflix movie

All three members of the primary cast are excellent, but the interplay between Segel and Plemons is a particular highlight. But Collins is certainly up to the bar as well, and her character has the most emotional depth of the trio with an arc that takes some pretty interesting turns. 

Windfall is extremely well paced. It clocks in at just a hair over 90 minutes, and absolutely flies by. It’s certainly not an action-thriller, with a heavy focus on well-written dialogue exchanges, but it’s never boring thanks to the strong central performances and an expertly crafted sense of unpredictability. No spoilers here, but you definitely won’t see the ending coming. 

If you’re looking for something to watch afterwards, why not try Netflix’s latest true crime series Bad Vegan; it's getting showered with praise and even earned a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Also, Apple TV Plus' biggest new show is about to debut, so mark the Pachinko release date and time in your digital calendar.

March is shaping up to be a big month for Netflix with Bridgeton season 2 launching on Friday, and they just dropped the first official Stranger Things 4 photos, which show a shift to a horror vibe. Not all news is good, though, as the streamer is once again looking to crack down on Netflix password sharing.

Trying to find something else to watch? Atlanta season 3 is coming and it's almost  time to watch Olivia Rodrigo's driving home 2 u.

In other streaming news, HBO Max is going to be the home of an MCU movie that's finally hitting streaming. Yes, we're looking at Disney Plus with the same "What the heck!?" expression you are. Over in the DC side of things, you need to see The Batman's deleted Joker scene right now.

And for those preparing for to watch the Oscars 2022 live streams, but are still catching up or rewatching the biggest films? We have some advice: you should watch West Side Story on Disney Plus — and not HBO Max for a couple of key reasons. Lastly, well, if the leaks and rumors are true? Morbius' post-credits scenes will have fans angry.

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  • Chasin Jason
    57% critics score and 43% audience on Rotten Tomatoes (n)
  • grandpa murphy
    Well... I watched it, not the worst movie i've ever seen but I wouldn't recommend it - i generally love thrillers, this one is pretty light on suspense for the most part and could've been a play.

    They should've gotten Peter Stormare to play the antagonist - it seems kinda like they told Jason Segel to look and act like him anyhow.