I bought this standing desk and it's changed the way I work

The UPLIFT Standing Desk V2
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I've made plenty of home office purchases over the past few years. From an Aeron chair to a 30-inch monitor, each purchase has made me more productive — and comfortable — when working from home. However, my favorite home office purchase is one I just made last month. After weeks of searching for a standing desk, I purchased the UpLift V2 Standing Desk. 

Priced at $599 for the base model, it wasn't a purchase I made lightly. I'm notoriously cheap and the thought of doling out $599 for a desk was a hard pill to swallow. However, after a few weeks with my UpLift I can confidently say it's the best home office purchase I've ever made. (Sorry, Herman Miller). 

UpLift V2 Desk: for $599 @ UpLift

UpLift V2 Desk: for $599 @ UpLift
The UpLift V2 Standing Desk is one of the best home office purchases you'll ever make. The desk is fully customizable and can be purchased with a variety of accessories that range from standing boards to mouse pads. The base model measures 42" x 30" and provides a 25.3-inch to 50.9-inch height range, which accommodates users who measure 4'9" to 6'7".

UpLift frames, L to R: C-Frame, C-Frame Commercial

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I opted for a motorized standing desk because a desk convertor simply wouldn't cut it for me. My main computer is a 27-inch iMac connected to a 30-inch Dell monitor and no desk convertor I found could accommodate both. So I decided to go with a brand new desk. 

There are multiple UpLIft desks to choose from, but I opted for the UpLIft V2 (with C-Frame), which is their least expensive and most popular model. The desk measures 42 x 30 inches, and provides a 25.3-inch to 50.9-inch height range. UpLift says this should accommodate users as short as 4 feet, 9 inches up to as tall as 6'7". I'm 6'2" and have my desk set to 41 inches, and that's comfortable for me. 

UpLift also offers its C-Frame Commercial (pictured above, right) which adds a crossbar that runs toward the bottom of the desk for added stability. However, the added bar could limit legroom for some users. 

Assembling the UpLIft V2 is fairly simple. The base model includes a 1-inch thick desk, steel frame/legs, a basic wire management kit, and dozens of reusable cable ties. The only tool you'll need is a screwdriver, as everything else is provided. 

The desk comes with a basic keypad with up/down buttons that raise and lower your desk. However, I strongly recommend opting for the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad ($29) because it lets you program up to four different height settings. 

The UpLift V2 Desk and its keypad, and a monitor and an iMac sit atop the desk

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Other UpLift accessories range from standing boards (from $64) to a hammock ($25) that you can hang underneath your desk. UpLift usually has sales where you can get a few of these accessories at no extra charge. 

What I love about the UpLift V2 Desk

The UpLift V2 is not your average home office desk. Its simple, sleek lines will give a touch of modern minimalism to just about any room in your house. Meanwhile, its steel and solid wood construction can support up to 355 pounds. 

I currently have a 27-inch 5K iMac, 30-inch Dell monitor, Echo speaker, and two PC speakers on it and the desk hasn't stuttered once. In fact, I'm always blown away at how smooth and quiet the UpLift's twin motors are. 

I also like that it comes with built-in anti-collision technology, which stops your desk from colliding with objects underneath it. A useful feature if you have pets around the house. You also get a seven-year limited warranty, should anything go wrong. 

Minor disappointments

The UpLift V2 is completely solid when used as a traditional desk. However, I've noticed that it's easy to make the desk wobble when its height is set above 45 inches. 

It's a minor wobble and at no point do I feel like anything might topple over, but it is a noticeable wobble. Likewise, it would be nice to have some included storage with the base model. Naturally, drawers are available as accessories ranging from $19 to $139.

Overall verdict

The UpLift V2 Desk with an iMac on it at my home

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Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health. It could lead to high blood pressure, excess fat around your waist, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, some studies show that standing all the time isn't that much better

That's why I love my UpLift Desk. It gives me the best of both worlds by letting me stand/sit at various intervals throughout the day. And while any standing desk can offer that, the UpLift V2 does so in style and with cool features other desks lack. 

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