Yellowstone season 4 teaser hints that someone's going to die

Yellowstone season 4 teaser trailer
(Image credit: Paramount Network)

For whom does the bell toll in the new Yellowstone season 4 teaser? The brief video lasts for just a few seconds, but hints that death is coming to the ranch. The season 3 finale ended with the lives of several Duttons up in the air — any one of them might meet their maker.

Paramount Network announced that Yellowstone season 4 is coming this fall, which was disappointing news to fans who are eager to learn the fates of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), son Kayce (Luke Grimes) and daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly). The first Yellowstone season 4 trailer didn't reveal much. This new teaser is even less forthcoming about what to expect, but it certainly sets a mood.

The video features a black crow, which takes off in flight and settles down on Yellowstone Dutton Ranch "Y" logo. An ominous bell tolls and the crow caws, as the words "Revenge is worth the wait."

Crows have long been a symbol of death in many cultures and belief systems because they are scavenger birds. (Native Americans, however, consider them a good omen due to their intelligence.) 

The use of the crow in conjunction with the tolling bell seems to be a big hint that a major death will rock Yellowstone season 4. In the season 3 finale, a bomb exploded in Beth's office, while separate shootings targeted John and Kayce. The video's tagline about revenge indicates that somebody — possibly Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) — will be doling out payback for those attacks on the Duttons. 

It could also be a cheeky reference to the long wait the fans have already endured to see season 4. And there are still months to go, since Yellowstone season 4 won't premiere until likely October or November. In the meantime, they can watch Yellowstone seasons 1-3 again as consolation.

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