Xbox Series X upgrade just made Quick Resume even better

Xbox Series X
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Update: Microsoft just upgraded the Quick Resume feature, letting gamers keep two games permanently in a Quick Resume — no matter what they do in the interim.

The Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S) Quick Resume feature has just been overhauled to make it easier to keep tabs on suspended games. The update is live for members of the Xbox Insider Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead groups. 

The new update will allow gamers to see if the title they're currently playing supports Quick Resume. It also introduces a new section in Groups that will display everything currently stored in Quick Resume. The move makes it much easier to manage your active games and apps. You can also delete Quick Resume saves to free up space, or remove a game that you've relegated to your pile of shame and don't want to be reminded about. 

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Xbox technical lead Eden Marie shared screenshots of what the updated UI looks like on Twitter. She also shared the news that gamers can reorder Groups with just a few button taps. Of course, the new features are limited to Xbox Insiders for now, but hopefully we'll see a wider rollout soon.

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Another aspect of the update is audio passthrough support. Even the most ardent audiophile's setup is thwarted by Microsoft's consoles. You could have the best soundbar available, but the audio is ultimately processed by the Xbox Series X|S before coming out of your speakers. The new audio option eliminates the issue. If you're part of the Insider program and want to try it out, head to Settings>Audio>Advanced>Allow Passthrough on the console. 

There's also a fix for updates that are getting stuck at “Finishing things up” in the queue, as well as "various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console." 

If you're eager to give future Xbox updates a whirl before they hit the masses, you can sign up to join the Xbox Insider program. Head to Microsoft's FAQ for more details. 

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