Xbox Series X just got three great upgrades — what you need to know

Xbox Series X console
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Microsoft is rolling out the March Xbox dashboard update, and with it comes a bunch of improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Among them are the option to remap your share button, a new audio wizard and the ability to pin a game to Quick Resume — a feature previously seen in beta.

This means anyone with an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S can ensure up to two games are always available to Quick Resume. Previously the consoles could officially store three games in the feature, though there have been reports that Xbox consoles could store up to 12 games in the state — depending on their size.

One thing was always consistent, though, and that was games would fall out of Quick Resume as other compatible titles were played. With the pinning feature you can ensure that your two favorite games will always be available in just a few seconds.

Unless there’s been an update, of course, in which case the game will need to reload from scratch. You can also manually remove pinned games at any time.

To pin a Quick Resume title on your Xbox Series X or Series S simply select a game and hit Menu > Pin to Quick Resume. If you already have two games pinned, you’ll be prompted to replace one of the existing titles. As ever you can see all your active Quick Resume titles in the ‘Groups’ tab of your game list.

Remap the share button on your controller

This update also makes it possible to remap the share button on your Series X/S controller. So far it’s been limited to taking screenshots or recording clips, but that’s changing. Following the update players can set the button to one of many new Xbox features — including search, Night Mode, TV volume and more. 

This can be done in the Xbox Accessories app, and is available on multiple controller types. That includes the stock controller, the Elite Series 2 and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

New audio wizard

The last, and probably least exciting part of this update is the audio wizard. This is essentially a new audio setup process for HDMI devices, ensuring all the audio is playing nice with whatever A/V setup you have.

Simply head to Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Audio setup to activate the wizard. Unlike the other two features, however, this one is also coming to Xbox One — for all the people who still haven’t had any success with the Xbox Series X restocks.

Tom Pritchard
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