Upcoming PS5 games — what we can’t wait to play this year and beyond

god of war ragnarok screenshot
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Everybody wants a PS5, but not for today's games. It's the most anticipated PS5 games, instead, that are driving attention. Yes, while the current list of available and exclusive games — which will run better on the console — isn’t that tall now, things are about to get much better. 

From major first party titles that will showcase the speed of the PS5’s storage to third party games you won’t find on the Xbox Series X, we’ve compiled the list of PS5 games we need now (and could have been great launch titles).

God of War: Ragnarok (2022)

god of war ragnarok

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The 2018 reboot of the iconic God of War series is one of the PS4’s crowning achievements. To say the anticipation for God of War: Ragnarok is high would be an understatement. 

While we know very little about this sequel (even Ragnarok is a fan theorized subtitle rather than a confirmed one), we do know that everybody’s favorite angry dad Krato will return alongside his son Atreus. Plus if the post-credits teaser from God of War (2018) is any indication, we’re going to be exploring even more of the nine Norse realms. Yes, Thor, the God of Thunder is likely going to be thrown into the mix as well. As long as the incredibly satisfying axe-throwing mechanics return, I’ll be happy. — Rory Mellon

Hogwarts Legacy (2022)

most anticipated PS5 games: hogwarts legacy

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Aside from gimmicky mobile cash-ins, there hasn’t been a non-LEGO game set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter since the last movie tie-in abomination in 2011. So, yes, HP fans have certainly done their waiting, and seem to finally be getting a reward. 

Set more than 100 years before the boy who lived steps foot in the iconic magic school, Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to create their own character and then live out the life of a young wizard in training, with a dark mystery to unravel thrown in for good measure. Not only will you be sorted in one of the famous Hogwarts houses, but the included morality system will let you decide if you want to be more of a Weasley or a Malfoy. Freed of the shackles that come with being tied to a movie, Hogwarts Legacy could well be the game that Harry Potter fans have been dreaming about for years. — Rory Mellon

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake (TBC)

A screenshot from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake trailer

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One of last year's big surprises was that a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is coming and that it's coming to the PS5 only, given it was an original Xbox exclusive for some time. 

Not that I'm complaining, as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the best Star Wars game ever made in my opinion, and a remake of it it tantalizing to say the least. After all, "modern tech, features, visuals, and more, while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters" has been promised by remake masters Aspyr. — Roland Moore-Colyer

Final Fantasy XVI (TBA)

most anticipated PS5 games: final fantasy xvi

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Final Fantasy XVI won’t be exclusive to the PS5, but it will be a “console exclusive,” so don’t expect to find it on the Xbox Series X. As for the game itself, it will be the first entry in the mainline Final Fantasy series since 2016’s excellent, experimental Final Fantasy XV. 

So far, we’ve seen one extensive trailer for FFXVI, which suggests that the game will feature real-time combat with both mundane weapons and magical abilities. There’ll also be a high fantasy story full of political intrigue, conflicted characters and world-changing magic. Since the game doesn’t have a solid release date, Final Fantasy XVI could be a long way off, but if it’s anything like XV, it could very well be worth the wait. — Marshall Honorof

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    I think people are just excited for the PS5 to release. There was a rumor it was going to release back in November, but we all know that was a lie.

    Everything I'm reading says it might be available in April or May. So, it seems weird they're releasing games before then.

    Must be some new marketing ploy.