Xbox Series X pre-order page is live — and big news could be imminent

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft has launched the pre-order page for the Xbox Series X on its main website, but you still can't order the next-generation console just yet. And there’s still no mention of price. 

However, this does mean Microsoft has stolen the march on the PS5, which doesn’t have such a page available. Sony has recently updated its PS5 website with text boasting the console’s power and promising “stunning games,” which hints that Sony is gearing up for a big reveal.

In fact, Sony is rumored to be planning a big reveal event for June 4, which could show off a whole suite of PS5 games as well as the console itself. Sony’s website may be a preamble to this, and a hint that the showcase could be far more comprehensive than Microsoft’s May 7 event, which only showed off third-party games. 

It may lack the ability to pre-order the console or any mention of pricing, but the Xbox Series X pre-order page certainly gives potential buyers a good look at what they can expect from Microsoft’s next-generation console. A series of slick images detail the Xbox Series X’s impressive internal design, from a split motherboard to a hefty vapor chamber units. 

Comparatively, all Sony has shown off is its DualSense controller; there’s been no hint at the console’s design, though a series of concept renders have cooked up what some people think it could look like. 

Microsoft’s new webpage also noted that “games play even better” on the Xbox Series X, leaning heavily on how “thousands” of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even original Xbox games will be supported on the Xbox Series X’s Velocity Architecture. This comprehensive backwards compatibility could be one serious advantage the Xbox Series X has over the PS5. 

With both consoles slated for a “Holiday 2020” launch, we can expect more updates to pop up in the coming months. With E3 2020 cancelled, there’s not a big physical event for Microsoft or Sony to showcase their next-generation consoles like there was with the current generation machines. 

But scheduled showcases (such as Microsoft's monthly Xbox 20/20 series) are helping build excitement for the next generation of consoles, which is shaping up to deliver two interesting and reasonably different gaming machines capable of things such as 8K gaming, ray tracing and instant SSD load times. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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