Withings ScanWatch 2 unveiled — and it can last 30 days on a charge

withings scanwatch 2 press image on a wrist
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If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t resemble a miniature computer on your wrist, then Withings has you covered. The company has long-offered a series of hybrid smartwatches, which blend smart features with a traditional watch design, and two more have just been announced at IFA 2023 today (August 31).

The flagship ScanWatch 2 offers the latest and best health-tracking technology, designed for continuous 24/7 health monitoring. Meanwhile the ScanWatch Light is a more affordable option for those that don't necessarily need to live on the cutting edge. They’re both going to arrive on wrists at some point in October.

withings scanwatch 2 press image on a wrist

(Image credit: Withings)

ScanWatch 2 is packed to the brim with health-tracking hardware and features. In fact, all the health features you’d expect to find on something like an Apple Watch appear to be included. There’s an ECG module for detecting atrial fibrillation, alongside SpO2 oxygen saturation monitoring. 

There’s also temperature monitoring, with a feature Withings calls “TempTech 24/7.” This relies on a miniaturized heat flux sensor,  which measures energy transit, and a high accuracy temperature sensor. Combined with the standard heart rate monitor and accelerometer, Withings claims this system will be able to detect baseline fluctuations in body temperature over the course of a 24-hour period — potentially detecting the early signs of illness or some other conditions.

If that wasn’t enough, the watch can also be used to track heart rate variability, menstrual cycle and all the usual health and fitness tracking features like sleep and activities. As with a Fitbit, the ScanWatch 2 can auto-detect more than 40 different activities. 

Even better, these features have been packed into a design that wouldn’t look out of place at a fancy dinner party or function.

What's more, the battery life is supposed to last 30 days, which is the kind of longevity the likes of Apple and its rivals can only dream of. Withings claims this is aided by new HealthSense technology, which allows the ScanWatch 2 to optimize its functions and maximize the battery life.

withings scanwatch light press image on a wrist

(Image credit: Withings)

The ScanWatch Light isn’t nearly as impressive by comparison, but it still packs in all the features and hardware for monitoring heart health, sleep, activity and tracking your cycle. The Light model also features HealthSense and that same 30-day battery life that ensures you can continually monitor your physical well-being without having to recharge every few days.

Both watches are available to pre-order on the Withings website right now, ahead of a wider release in October. The ScanWatch 2 will set you back $350, with 38mm models available in silver white, silver black, and rose gold (with a sand face). A 42mm silver black option is also available, and both 42mm silver white and 38mm rose gold (blue face) models will be available at a later date. 

The ScanWatch Light is available for $250 in silver black, silver white and rose gold (sand) color schemes. All three come in 37mm sizes.

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