How to watch Too Hot to Handle online from anywhere on Earth

watch Too Hot to Handle online
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Wondering how to watch Too Hot to Handle online? The newest reality show from Netflix is already one of this spring's best shows to binge watch, delivering all the distraction and drama we so desperately need right now. 

Reminiscent of Netflix's other recent reality hits The Circle and Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle merges an absurdly attractive cast and with a proprietary game show format. Ten sexy singles flock to a private island to compete for a $100,000, which can only be earned through collective celibacy. 

Calling Too Hot to Handle entertaining would be an understatement. Within minutes of sexed-up series's first episode, contestants turn into memes of themselves.  

Remember the Seinfeld episode in which the crew competes to see who lasts the longest being the master of their domain? In the era of social distancing, Too Hot to Handle is better. You might even find yourself relating to the cast's... struggles... if you've been stuck at home for several weeks now.

Oh, and did we mention there's an Alexa-type narrator named Lana calling the shots? And that some the singles have British accents?!

Here's how to watch Too Hot to Handle online and all its eye-candy now, no matter where on Earth you're streaming from.

How to watch Too Hot to Handle anywhere with a VPN

If you're away from home and you can't get Too Hot to Handle where you are, you don't need to miss out on this latest likely reality TV phenomenon. You can catch up with cast and their confrontations with celibacy using the right VPN (virtual private network). 

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How to watch Too Hot to Handle in the US

It's easy to watch Too Hot to Handle in the US, as long as you have an active Netflix membership or access to someone else's active account. All 8 episodes of the inaugural season are streaming on Too Hot to Handle on Netflix in the United States as of April 17.

How to watch Too Hot to Handle in the UK and Ireland

Too Hot to Handle isn't just for reality TV junkies in the US (a few members of the cast are from the UK and Ireland). So it's only right that Netflix in the UK or Ireland made all the episodes available to stream as of 8 a.m. local time on April 17.  

How to watch Too Hot to Handle in Canada

Although a majority of the Too Hot to Handle cast is from the US or UK, there is one contestant representing Canada. If you want to watch them vie for the 100-grand, you can head over to Netflix in Canada to stream the entire first season now.

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