Watch out, Garmin: Amazfit T-Rex Pro makes one of best GPS watches even better

Amazfit T-Rex Pro
(Image credit: Amazfit)

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a new, $180 wearable that's looking to make one of the best GPS watches even better. It bumps up the specs and features of last year's Amazfit T-Rex, making the company's ultra-rugged smartwatch even tougher.

Compared to the baseline T-Rex ($140,) the T-Rex Pro offers more health sensors and sport modes, as well as greater military certificates for durability and deeper water resistance. It still looks like a G-Shock, but offers some minor aesthetic upgrades like metallic embellishments, too. 

The only spec that takes a hit is battery life, which drops from 20 days on the standard T-Rex to 18 days on the Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Still, over two weeks is a pretty impressive stamina estimate for a low-cost smartwatch. Of course, as is the case with any sports watch, using the GPS for activity or location tracking will cut into that time.

When we tested the original T-Rex, we thought its GPS was good, but could be better. The T-Rex Pro should provide more precision with Quad-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) instead of Dual-GNSS. 

Amazfit has a steady reputation for making some of the best cheap smartwatches, launching alternatives to every popular model from the Apple Watch Series 6 to the Fitbit Sense. It can't match all the features of its pricier competitors, plus the company's proprietary OS could be better, but customers will get a capable wearable for a low cost.

Based on its design and GPS abilities, T-Rex Pro seems to be an affordable version of the best Garmin watches designed for the outdoors. It's arriving just after the Garmin Enduro which costs $799 and lasts up to a year (yes, 365 days) in a battery saver mode. We'd say the T-Rex Pro is more competitive against the Garmin Instinct, though, which costs $299 and lasts 14 days on a charge. The T-Rex Pro even comes in similar color options to the Instinct.  

We'll need to test Amazfit's T-Rex Pro for ourselves to see how it improves on the original model. We have big expectations based on the price and the company's steady line of launches since we reviewed the first version. It's arriving right in time for warmer weather, too, meaning people might be looking for a new companion on their upcoming outdoor adventures.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro costs $179 and is available for purchase now.

Kate Kozuch

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