'Alexa, remove wine stains.' This new washing machine is that smart

GE Profile Top Load 900 series
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Just when we thought the cycles of Alexa in everything was starting to slow down, GE Appliances has announced the GE Profile Top Load 900 series ($1,299), the first washing machine with Amazon’s voice assistant built-in. 

With Alexa as your on-demand laundry expert, the 900 Series promises to alleviate the guesswork of getting your clothes clean. Instead of searching laundry hacks or what laundry symbols mean on a given garment, you can ask Alexa to wash your cashmere sweater or dry all the best Lululemon leggings without them pilling.

While many of the best washing machines have smart features, assistant compatibility or other helpful tricks, the GE Profile Top Load 900 series is the first to have Alexa built-in. Yes, that means the washing machine has a microphone that awaits the Alexa wake word and can carry out commands independently of a smart speaker.

Users can say, 'Alexa, tell SmartHQ to clean jeans with grass stains,' and the machine will automatically run the ideal settings.

Material care guidelines and optimized laundry settings are powered by GE’s SmartHQ platform, which isn’t new in itself but gains more automation when navigated with Alexa. Users can say, “Alexa, tell SmartHQ to clean jeans with grass stains,” or “Alexa, tell SmartHQ to remove wine stains,” and the machine will automatically run the ideal settings.

GE Profile Top Load 900 series

(Image credit: Future)

Alexa is equipped in only the washer unit of the 900 series, though commands fielded from the washer can control a paired dryer. You’ll also still have to physically place your garments in the respective machines — yes, a total hassle compared to the ease of voice-activated laundry cycles. But if you’ve filled the smart dispense system with detergent (up to 50 ounces) the machine will feed as much or as little detergent needed for your clothing command.

The differences between a front load vs. top load washer will mean the 900 series should offer general convenience and easy cleaning, especially if you know how to clean a washing machine. And although top load washers are typically harsher on clothing, the GE Profile Top Load 900 series seems plenty equipped to take care of your clothing, blankets and other textiles.

Sometimes, I return clothing or refrain from buying items I like if I think I can’t throw them in with the rest of my wash. I don’t have time to learn which settings are best for blue jeans, chiffon trousers, spandex leggings and velvet bell bottoms individually. And I almost never buy lighter colors, knowing I’d never figure out how to remove red wine stains.

The Top Load 900 sounds like it would eliminate a lot of the intimidation I feel towards getting my clothes clean. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t enjoy tinkering with laundry machine settings. But I do like using the best Alexa skills to make my day-to-day simpler, and while I certainly don’t need another microphone in my house, asking for the assistant to take care of my pricey workout leggings seems pretty ideal.

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