These 3 laundry hacks will make your life easier

Overflowing laundry basket
Overflowing laundry basket (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Laundry days can feel hectic at the best of times — especially if you run a busy household or have young (and messy) children who can easily get through a wardrobe of clothes in a week. More often, you’re wading through a pile of laundry that can easily take up much of the day, and leaving you with little time for anything else (like a movie-binge, maybe?). 

But there are a few hacks that can speed up laundry day, and make your life so much easier. While these simple hacks are hardly rocket-science, they will certainly make a huge difference to your laundry time. After all, who really wants to spend all day doing laundry?

So if you want to tackle those loads quickly, these three hacks can speed up laundry day, making the chores a breeze.

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1. Button up duvet covers before washing 

White duvet cover buttons

White duvet cover buttons (Image credit: Shutterstock)

We all know what it’s like when you've thrown a duvet cover into the load, only to take it out full of other laundry inside it. No matter how flat you make the cover, a rogue item always finds its way inside. 

The solution is really simple. Just do up the buttons or poppers of the duvet cover before washing to prevent any rogue items being sucked inside it. You don’t have to do up every single button — that's too time consuming — but every other button will do the trick. This will save you so much time from emptying out the cover before hanging it to dry. 

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2. Laundry bags will help you find rogue items 

Mesh laundry bag

Mesh laundry bag (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Another common laundry woe is when small items like socks or matching underwear go "missing" amongst the sea of laundry. To prevent those smaller items going rogue, invest in mesh laundry bags like these CCidea 5 Pack Mesh Laundry Bag for Delicates ($10, Amazon). 

Just place your socks, underwear or any delicate items in these zipped bags before putting them in the washing machine. Not only will it protect delicates from being damaged but will ensure matching items are not separated in the wash. Best of all, you can easily find what you’re looking for when you’re unloading the laundry.       

3. Hang up clothes straight away to prevent creases 

Hanging laundry on hanger

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

If, like me, you’re not a big fan of ironing, this hack will save you precious time and effort. Hanging your clothes up as soon as they come out of the machine can help prevent most garments from getting wrinkled. 

Give clothes a good shake to remove creases from the spin cycle before you hang up on a coat hanger. This will air it out before the creases "set-in" during the drying process. Best of all, this will reduce your wrinkled, ironing pile, and make organizing your wardrobe a breeze. 

Bear in mind, while this method works on most quick-drying fabrics, stiff cotton shirts, linen garments or denim might still need a quick iron, but at least the creases will be minimal.  

Other handy laundry tips

Holding up white shirt

Holding up white shirt (Image credit: Shutterstock)

— Select the right water temperature for each load to get the best washing results out of the cycle. This will also avoid shrinkage or other damage to clothing.

— Pre-treat stubborn stains on clothes before throwing them into the washing machine. For more top tips, check out how to remove oil stains from clothes or how to remove blood stains quickly if you’ve had an accident.

— Turn dark-colored clothing inside out before washing to avoid fading and wear-and-tear to the fabric. The same applies to jeans, and remember to do up zippers to avoid snagging on other clothes.

—  Always leave your washing machine door open after a cycle to eliminate bad smells. Don’t forget, even washing machines need cleaning which is why you should know how to clean a washing machine.

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