Google Pixel Watch leaker just spilled more details — here's what we know

Google Pixel Watch leak
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Update: A listing from Bluetooth SIG suggests that there may be three Pixel Watch models coming, and launch might be imminent

The long-rumored Google Pixel Watch could be on the way soon, if the latest string of leaks and rumors are anything to go by. Following the discovery of an alleged Pixel Watch prototype left in a restaurant, someone claiming to be in possession of the watch has taken part in a Reddit AMA to reveal more hands-on details about the device.

According to the poster, known as u/tagtech414, the watch was found by a friend bartending at the restaurant in question, who kept hold of it for a few weeks in case the owners came to retrieve it. Evidently that never happened and the watch was passed on, albeit without the strap.

The original pictures have shown us the watch itself from every angle, but what else? In response to a question about build quality, the leaker says "it's very premium feeling. Apple level quality."

pixel watch prototype leak from reddit

(Image credit: u/Tagtech414/Reddit)

One commenter suggested that the watch may have the same charging connection as a Fitbit Versa smartwatch. Tagtech 414 promised to try and get hold of a friend’s Versa charger and see if it works. But since the prototype is round, and the Versa range is a rounded square, that may be easier said than done.

At the time it was forgotten, the bartender only saw the ‘G’ logo image on the watch’s boot screen and nothing more. Tagtech414 suggests that the device may not have a full OS installed. Add in the fact that the watch was found inside a box, and this would suggest it was never meant to be worn.

Which is a really odd situation, to be honest. If I were a conspiracy-minded person I’d suggest that Google left the watch deliberately to try and drum up some hype. Tagtech414 admitted he thought of this too, noting the positive reception and attention the watch has received.

While it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Google left the watch as a plant. Remember the debacle with Gizmodo and the iPhone 4 prototype? But you can never underestimate the human mind’s capability to do stupid things.

pixel watch prototype leak from reddit

(Image credit: u/Tagtech414/Reddit)

But the AMA does reveal some more details about the Pixel Watch’s physical form. That includes a diameter of around an inch and a half, and thickness of around half an inch. Exact dimensions are still incoming, and Tagtech414 has promised to measure the watch with digital callipers for more precise measurement. At the time of writing this hasn’t happened.

A close-up picture also revealed that the watch does have a bezel, and a fairly thick one at that. Meanwhile, the crown is said to be similar to that of the Apple Watch, with a “pretty large flat button above the crown, and the crown clicks in.” There’s no sign of a physical SIM card, a visible speaker grille and microphone is present on the left side of the watch, there’s a button that appears to catch and lock in the watch strap.

pixel watch prototype leak from reddit

(Image credit: u/Tagtech414/Reddit)

We still need to be sceptical about this whole thing, because there’s no guarantee that this is a real Pixel Watch. And if it is, that the final model will look anything like the one left in this restaurant. Still, if this is a good representation of the final Pixel Watch, things are looking positive. We just need the software and UI to be up to the same standard.

We’ll keep an eye on TagTech414’s AMA, and will update this post if any other major revelations happen. In the meantime current Pixel Watch rumors suggest that the watch may be unveiled at Google I/O this May, ahead of an October release.

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