The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE looks awesome in this new video

Screengran from Concept Creator's video showing off back panel of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
(Image credit: Concept Creator | YouTube)

Update: Is there any point to the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? 

It's already November, and fans are losing hope of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE coming to market. Well, that dwindling hope just got a shot of endorphins as a new video has surfaced online allegedly showing off the back panel of the stripped-down fan-focused Samsung handset.

In a video uploaded by YouTube channel Concept Creator, Dutch digital artist Jermaine Smit, known for making 3D renders of upcoming electronics based on leaked information, has gotten his hands on the apparent back panel of the S21 FE. It falls in line with past rumors, featuring a design reminiscent of the current Samsung Galaxy S21, but made with plastic. If true, fans who have been holding out should get a solid piece of kit, hopefully sooner rather than later.

According to Smit, the S21 FE will come in violet, pink, white and black. Along with IP68 water resistance, it will feature an under-display Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Smit is also being told, by sources he doesn't name, that the S21 FE will be announced on a Jan. 11 event early next year. Tom's Guide has not been able to independently confirm any of Smit's claims.

Smit also claimed he'll have more internal S21 FE componentry coming in, including the camera modules. Once those are in, he can give a deeper analysis on what parts will be included and what it could mean for the final product. 

Overall, when it comes to the design, Smit is happy with the way the back panel looks. He actually prefers it to the standard S21. It has a more flat and muted look, and the plastic allows the camera bump to seamlessly flow into the rest of the back panel. 

Smit also acknowledges there's a chance that Samsung may cancel this device outright. The supposed release date will be close with the next-generation S22. And if Samsung were to release both devices so close to each other, it might cannibalize the hype each could generate. Right now, the S22 is rumored to release in the first two to three months of next year. 

At the end of the video above, Smit does show off some of his own 3D renders, and we must admit, it looks slick. Hopefully the S21 FE does come out, because it could be a serious contender against the Google Pixel 6

Imad Khan

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