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The Ratio Six is the latest coffee maker to receive SCA seal of approval

Ratio Six coffee maker
(Image credit: Ratio Coffee)

The Ratio Six coffee maker is the latest at-home brewer to receive the coveted Specialty Coffee Association seal of approval. The SCA's stamp highlights only the best coffee makers in the world, and so far has only been placed on 30 at-home devices. 

With a modern, compact aesthetic, showerhead water dispersal, and precise brewing settings, the Ratio Six is certainly impressive. The machine was originally released in 2020, but its true power has come to light through its recent accolades. Originally launched as a Kickstarter project, the Ratio Six has quickly gathered momentum in the premium coffee space. Its one-button operation makes brewing the perfect pour-over look easy, but under the hood there's incredible attention paid to water flow rate, bloom time, and distribution.

Having the SCA's official stamp of approval means it can function consistently at a temperature between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit in order to produce a brew with 55g of coffee per liter of water. This essentially produces what the association calls the 'Golden Cup'. 

Such a status is not easily won. Coffee makers that are deemed the best by the SCA must pass these tests twice, at different water capacities. These machines must also brew a full reservoir in between four and eight minutes and hold the temperature of the coffee produced at between 176 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit for at least thirty minutes after brewing. 

Ratio Six coffee maker

(Image credit: Ratio Coffee)

There are only very few coffee makers that have made it into the SCA hall of fame. The Technivorm Moccamaster and Breville Precision Brewer both passed the test on release, and brands like Kitchenaid, Bunn, and Bonavita all have machines on the list as well. These coffee makers range from $100 to $350, so there is a slight price uplift over your everyday cheap coffee makers; the Ratio Six coffee maker is currently available at Amazon for $345, for example. However, if you're after that perfect cup of coffee every time you brew, it's worth trusting the experts.

Of course, even if your brewer can't live up to these precise specifications, there are plenty of devices on the market that can still produce an excellent cup of Joe. We've rounded up all the best Cuisinart coffee makers as well as the best Nespresso machine and Keurig coffee makers if you're after something a little more convenient.

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