This PS5 design is shockingly different to match DualSense

PS5 render
(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/LetsGoDigital)

The PS5 console hasn't been revealed yet, but one artist has just brought it to life based on what the recently revealed DualSense controller looks like.

This design, made by Giuseppe "Snoreyn" Spinelli for LetsGoDigital, adapts the black and white design of the DualSense, along with the diagonally-oriented Light Bar that surrounds the controller's touch pad. The result is a design that's similar to the two-layer shape of the PS4, but with the top corners carved off and replaced with flat edges with blue lighting.

(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/LetsGoDigital)

The main model Spinelli has designed here is an all-white version, but he has also designed an all-black version to match the traditional PlayStation look. Also new is a line of vents along the bottom edge for cooling.

On the front edge, we see a disc drive and two USB ports, with various other ports along the back to connect the console to a TV or monitor, and of course your wall outlet for power.

(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/LetsGoDigital)

This is a fairly subtle change in shape between generations compared to what Microsoft has done with the Xbox Series X compared to the Xbox One. The rectangular box has now turned into a square tower-like shape with prominent air vents on the top. The PlayStation has always been more of a shrinking violet compared to the equivalent Xbox design, and if Sony's actual design is similar to Spinelli's, this would hold true for the new generation, too.

(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/LetsGoDigital)

The PS5, and the Xbox Series X as well, will appear on store shelves around November 2020. Both consoles feature ray-tracing graphics and SSD storage, except the Xbox is focussing more on graphical power with its mightier CPU and GPU, while the PS5 seems to be aiming at immersion, with 3D audio, haptic feedback and resistant triggers built into its controller.

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