The Google Pixel Watch 2 looks great — but there's one big problem

Google Pixel Watch 2
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I've been eagerly awaiting the Google Pixel Watch 2's arrival. In fact, I was perhaps equally as eager as I was ahead of the first-generation Pixel Watch's announcement last year. And while the new Pixel Watch 2 excites with a fresh slate of features across-the-board, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed that it didn't address the biggest complaint I faced with the original.

As was the case with the Google Pixel Watch, there is only one size option for the Pixel Watch 2: 41mm. For many of the best smartwatches, including the Apple Watch Series 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 announced earlier this year, 41mm (or a close equivalent) is the smaller of two size options. 

Multiple size options accommodates what I think is a necessary choice for shoppers, no matter if that choice is based on comfort or personal preference. Yes, you can choose your color and watch band for the Google Pixel Watch 2. You can also customize your watch face with certain complications to your liking. But none of these personalizations matter if you think the watch is too small for you.

Larger smartwatch sizes come at a premium, of course. With the Pixel Watch 2 priced at $349 for the Wi-Fi only model and $399 for the LTE-equipped model (though there are preorder deals to consider), Google would've had to adjust its pricing tiers if there was a second size in the mix. Perhaps the company wants to keep the watch's top price under $400 to stay competitive. For obvious reasons, I can't determine the true motivation. 

Look, I happen to thinnk the 41mm Pixel Watch 2 looked great on my wrist when I tried it in a hands-on demo following the Made by Google presentation. It suited my somewhat-petite wrist size well. However, my vision isn't perfect, and I did have to hold the watch closer to my face than I'd like to actually read what was on screen. For this reason, I tend to opt for the larger smartwatch options when available, even if it does cost more money. 

Is this a Pixel Watch 2 dealbreaker?

For a while now, I've been of the belief that a bigger screen makes smartwatches more usable. We're not yet at the point of them replacing our phones, but the more you can comfortably accomplish from your wrist the more reason there is to be a smartwatch user. If Google is hoping to introduce Pixel phone users to a smartwatch experience with maximum potential, it'd be smart to think big — or at least bigger.

That said, unless you truly know you have a size preference for your smartwatch, I wouldn't consider it a dealbreaker. I've seen people with all sorts of wrists sizes enjoying the original Pixel Watch, after all. And now with upgrades to performance, safety features wellness tracking, battery life and more, there's an even greater reason to make the Pixel Watch 2 your next smartwatch.

Kate Kozuch

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