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The 'Fixed' Galaxy Fold Broke After One Day

Galaxy Fold open book
(Image credit: Future)

When TechCrunch’s Brian Heater got his first Galaxy Fold back in April, it worked perfectly fine. It didn’t break. It didn’t peel. It didn’t even scratch. But, in the first day with his new evaluation unit — the one that is supposed to fix all its weaknesses — things went wrong.

From the article: “I pulled the Fold from my pocket while standing in line at CVS after work the other day. I opened it up and spotted something new nestled between the lock screen’s flapping butterfly wings.”

It was an amorphous, brightly colored blob, he says of the foldable phone. The one you can see below, which apparently is about a centimeter across and “it’s a bit tricky to photograph.“

(Image credit: TechCrunch)

It only took 27 hours. Oof. 

This feels like a deja vu of the first damning reports back in April.

Heater says that he doesn’t know what could have happened. He didn’t do anything crazy. He guesses it may have been the pressure he applied on the device while closing it, but that I think that would be pretty damning. If the only thing that it takes to damage the display is pressure from the outside, then Samsung is going to have one nightmare of a device in the hands of consumers who paid top dollar for one. Heater says that Samsung has already collected the device.

Take a look at the Caring for Your Galaxy Fold video below. It's full of language that will make some think twice about buying this foldable phone.

Samsung calls the display "precious" and advices Fold owners to "use a light touch" when using the large 7.3-inch display. It also says to keep the hinge free of water and dust, even though the company added caps to the hinges to make it less likely that debris would be caught. A display this precious comes protected.

The video ends with the phrase "the future is in your hands," which in the context of Heater's experience sounds like a warning more than a statement of pride.

Our experience with the updated Galaxy Fold has been fine. It was the same with the original one. From what we have been reading online, no one else is reporting troubles so far.

Perhaps this is just one defective unit, a random occurrence that wasn’t depending on any specific manipulation. Maybe! We can only hope, because I don’t think the Fold would recover from another cascade of bad reports like the one which sent the original one back to the drawing board.

Jesus Diaz

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