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The Circle season 3: Everything we know so far

The Circle season 3 on Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Circle season 3 is coming to Netflix — smiley face, fist pump ... send message. The second season of the social media-based reality TV show just ended, with its first catfish champion. Yes, The Circle season 2 winner DeLeesa St. Agathe fooled her fellow contestants into believing she was her husband, Trevor. Laughing face emoji!

The Circle has been a huge hit for Netflix, so much so that the streamer launched  international editions in Brazil and France. The concept mashes up Big Brother and Catfish, with contestants living separately in the same building and only able to communicate by messaging each other through The Circle app. Some contestants choose to take on different identities in the hope of winning over the other players. The most recent edition featured several catfish in the finale, including DeLeesa.

Every round, they rank each other, with the top vote-getters earning influencer status and the ability to block other players from the game.

Along the way, the contestants engage in icebreakers and encounter twists that give advantages (or disadvantages). Season 2 introduced the role of the "joker," which allowed Courtney to anonymously chat with new players. And a new twist gave blocked contestants Jack and Lisa a second chance by letting them team up under a new profile.

Here's everything we know about The Circle season 3.

The Circle season 3 release date speculation

Great news, Circle fans — Netflix is bringing the show back for season 3.

The Circle was so popular when it debuted in 2020 that Netflix immediately ordered two more seasons. 

Even better news? The Circle season 3 has reportedly already finished filming, according to journalist Martin Holmes.

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That means Netflix could premiere The Circle season 3 soon — though the streamer will probably want to wait since the second installment was so recent. Could The Circle season 3 be released in late 2021? It's possible! Make it happen, Netflix (send message).

The Circle season 3 casting info

Part of what makes The Circle so addictive to watch is its casting. Season 2 featured some standout players, including Chloe Veitch (who previously appeared on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle). We've got an update on The Circle season 2 cast and where they are now.

As for The Circle season 3, Netflix hasn't revealed the identities of any players yet. But perhaps they'll pull someone from another one of their reality series, like Love Is Blind or Selling Sunset. We can totally see Chrishell in The Circle.

How to apply to be on The Circle

While The Circle season 3 may have already filmed, Netflix is likely to make more seasons. So, if you're interested in being on the show, go to

Once there, you'll submit your basic info and answer some questions about your social media presence and interests. Oh, and you'll have to tell them why you think you'd make a good Circle contestant. 

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