The Circle season 2 winner and cast updates: Where are they now?

The Circle season 2 winner and cast where are they now
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The Circle season 2 winner proves that catfishing pays — at least when it comes to the Netflix reality competition show. The Circle season 2 finale named a champion, DeLeesa St. Agathe, who fooled her fellow cast members into believing she was Trevor (her husband in real life). She beat worthy competitors, including Chloe Veitch from Too Hot to Handle, to take home the $100,000 prize. Crown emoji, money bag emoji, laughing face emoji ... send!

In fact, The Circle season 2 finale was dominated by catfish contestants. Only Chloe and Courtney Revolution were truly themselves. The other finalists were River (aka Lee Swift) and John (aka Lisa Delcampo and Jack Atkin). 

Turns out Lisa and Jack made a much better team at catfishing than they were on their own, since they were blocked earlier. Lisa pretended to be her boss, *NSYNC's Lance Bass, while Jack tried to come across as friend Emily. But together, they reached the finale as John (a psychic/part-time Santa, LOL). 

But for all the strategizing and shadiness, friendship really did rule in the end. Chloe and her allies Courtney and River stuck together, and Chloe also stayed true to her crush Trevor. She was a bit crushed, however, to discover Trevor wasn't real. But the Essex queen was still thrilled for DeLeesa to win and take home the money to her baby girl. 

Here's an update on The Circle season 2 winner and cast members, if you're wondering where they are now.

The Circle season 2 winner: Trevor aka DeLeesa

Before coming into The Circle, DeLeesa was a "mompreneur" with her own YouTube channel, Leesa Unique.

She was torn about playing as herself or as Trevor in the game, but ultimately, decided to impersonate her husband.

"I do have a bubbly personality and in real life I get along with anybody. I can go to the bar, I can be cool and have fun with anybody at all," she told ETOnline. "However, when I look at my life and I look at how situations played out with groups of female friends versus Trevor and his group of guy friends, I just think my personality -- and combining with a little bit of his -- would just have gotten me further in the game, and it did."

What DeLeesa is up to now:

The winner told Decider that she's still running her YouTube channel and a couple of online stores — Be Unique Shoppe and Goodie Box Store.

And she's taking a page from fellow contestant Lee and taking up the pen. "I’m also going to be coming out with children’s books for little kids, most likely tailored to young Black girls because I have a daughter and I have another daughter on the way," DeLeesa said. 

The Circle season 2 cast: Where are they now?

As for the rest of the cast, here are updates and their Instagram pages.

Chloe Veitch as herself (second place)
The girl from Essex, who previously appeared on Netflix's dating show Too Hot to Handle, is still friends with DeLeesa despite the catfishing. "Me and Deleesa did have a FaceTime the other day and it was nice to just jump back on that wave of feeling like we are friends. And we are friends. It is genuine. It's not fake," Chloe told ETOnline.

Judging by her Instagram (@chloeveitchofficial), Chloe recently moved into a new apartment in Leeds and got a new Range Rover. And she's still posting a lot of sexy and silly photos.

Courtney Revolution as himself (third place)
Based in Los Angeles, Courtney is a podcast host and digital content creator — though he listed himself as a barista on The Circle. He's still living in L.A., according to his Instagram (@courtneyrevolution), drinking cherry and mango icees and Dunkin Donuts cold brew.

Lee Swift as River (fourth place)
The author from Dallas, Texas was already experienced at adopting a different persona, since he writes romance novels under a pseudonym. His Instagram (@leeswiftauthor) is filled with images of himself and husband Stephen, and a recent snap of the two of them with season 1's Chris Sapphire.

Jack Atkins and Lisa Delcampo as John (fifth place)
Jack previously pretended to be Emily, while Lisa took on the persona of her boss, Lance Bass. They both got blocked from The Circle, but — twist! — received a second chance as a team. Their catfishing improved a lot as a team.

Lisa (@liseed) appears to have returned to working for Lance, while Jack (@jackatkins21) continues on as an astrophysics and economics student at the University of Chicago and hanging out with the real Emily.

Mitchell Eason as himself (sixth place)
The extremely fit Mitchell is from the Philadelphia area and has worked in landscaping and modeling, according to his website

Now, he's focusing on motivational speaking and introduced a 31-day challenge called The 1-5-30 Rule to his followers on Instagram (@mitchelleason) and TikTok. Mitchell is now living in Los Angeles and has been hanging out with The Circle season 1's Miranda.

Khat Bell as herself (seventh place)
The pro volleyball player has played overseas in South Korea, Puerto Rico, The Philippines and currently Turkey.

Since her time in The Circle ended, Khat has been traveling a lot and posting pics on Instagram (@_khatbell).

Terilisha Godwin-Pierce as herself (eighth place)
The singer-songwriter put out an EP, The Blue Heart, and a single titled "Sex So Good" a few years ago. Her Instagram (@terilisha) indicates she's still living in Dallas.

Savannah Palacio as herself (ninth place)
The fashion and beauty influencer is constantly curating her Instagram (@savpalacio) and lives in Los Angeles, where she still meets up with her Circle season 2 bestie, Courtney.

Bryant Wood as himself (10th place)
The  wellness guru focuses on breathwork, as he told his fellow Circle inhabitants (though they were all pretty confused about what that meant). On Instagram (@bryant.give), he calls himself "Angel iKAR." He has recently been in Costa Rica and often shares breathwork videos.

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