Stunning Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 video shows three screens and rotating camera

Galaxy Fold 2 rotating camera
(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

Samsung is expected to launch two new flagship phones this summer: the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Both could appear at a July or August virtual event and then hit shelves well before Apple’s iPhone 12.

Of the two devices, there’s a lot more pressure on the Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung’s first foldable phone was very expensive at nearly $2,000 and early review units exhibited durability problems that Samsung needed to fix.

However, if the Galaxy Fold 2 rumors prove true, it will be a much improved foldable phone and perhaps worthy of its ultra-premium price tag. And now render artist TechConfiguration has brought many of those rumors to life — while adding some unique features.

As reported by T3, the first thing that stands out in this Galaxy Fold 2 video is the rotating camera positioned on the left side of the device. It has the 108MP resolution as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The other two lenses are 20MP and 12MP. So your selfies would look good as any other photos you capture.

Another compelling feature on this Galaxy Fold 2 concept is that it features three displays. In folded mode, there’s a 6.6-inch OLED screen up front, which is a huge jump up from the 4.6-inch panel on the original Galaxy Fold. There’s also 5 x 0.8-inch mini OLED display that would be used for notifications. It could also be used as a mini dashboard for displaying additional info when playing games.

Galaxy Fold 2 gaming

(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

The inside of this Galaxy Fold 2 design boasts a massive 8-inch OLED display. That would be considerably larger than today’s 7.3-inch screen. But a rotating camera on the left lip would allow Samsung to deliver a bigger main screen because it wouldn’t have the large notch it has today.

Galaxy Fold 2 tablet mode

(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

The specs here are what you’d expect, including a Snapdragon 865 CPU, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. It would all be powered by a massive 7.000 mAh battery. And, of course, 5G connectivity is standard. 

To unlock the device, you would use a fingerprint scanner built into the front display, as opposed to today’s side-mounted fingerprint button. This would be a natural evolution of the design. 

Galaxy Fold 2 laptop mode

(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

One of the most interesting features in this Galaxy Fold 2 video is laptop mode. You could use this foldable phone with the top part of the display tilted upward and the bottom portion of the screen would have a QWERTY keyboard. 

Will the Galaxy Fold 2 look like this? I don't know if Samsung would add a third display, but I could see it employing a rotating camera. The company would just need to make sure it's as durable as the hinge that folds the phone.

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