Samsung’s new 98-inch 8K QLED TV has a panel made by its rival

The Samsung QN990C 8K QLED TV on display in South Korea.
(Image credit: Samsung)

Your next Samsung TV may not be entirely made by Samsung — especially if you plan on going for a TV that’s larger than 85 inches. According to a new report by FlatPanelsHD, the 98-inch Samsung QN900C that was uncovered last month will be made using parts from Samsung’s biggest rival, TCL

Going by the new moniker, the Samsung QN990C, the 98-inch model will top the Samsung QN900C range and use both Mini-LED lighting and a souped-up 6.4.4 120W sound system. Despite its overwhelming size, the QN990C will still use Samsung’s Infinity One with a small bezel and reduced depth. 

All that said, all this luxury is going to cost you. In South Korea (where the TV will be available first) the Samsung QN990C will be available for 49.9 million won, which comes out to be approximately $38,100 / £30,000 / AU$58,000. 

Of course if importing a TV the size of a living room wall sounds like too much of a hassle, there’s always the already-large 75-inch and 85-inch Samsung QN900C that are available here in the States for $6,299 or $7,999, respectively. 

Here’s why Samsung’s going all-in on 98-inch TVs 

If a Samsung 98-inch TV sounds familiar to you, you could be thinking of the 98-inch Samsung Q80C that the company announced in June…or the 98-inch Samsung QN100B that it announced at the tail-end of 2022. 

For the last few months, Samsung has been going all-in on 98-inch TVs and, apparently, that’s because sales for the 98-inch screen size have doubled in the last year. It’s something that Samsung’s clearly noticed, much to TCL's chagrin. 

“The 98-inch panel in particular has become the new standard for large-screen TVs with better border effects, power consumption performance, and picture display," says Jun Zhao, CEO of TCL panel company CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology). "We at TCL CSOT have achieved remarkable success and reputation in this field."

As it turns out, Samsung isn’t the only one interested in TCL's 98-inch panel — CSOT also sells that size panel to Sony, Xiaomi, Changhong and Haier. Which means that, pretty much anywhere you are in the world, any TV that you’re buying in a 98-inch screen size is now likely made with a TCL CSOT panel.

Via TechRadar

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