Samsung just announced a 98-inch QLED TV, and the price might surprise you

Samsung 98-inch 4K QLED TV
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When it comes to big-screen TVs vs. projectors, a projector is typically the most cost-effective way to create the ultimate entertainment space. But Samsung just announced a 98-inch QLED TV that might be an exception with major implications for your home theater. 

The 98-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV (98Q80C), a late addition to Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup, costs $7,999 and is available starting in early July. While last year’s Samsung QN100B 98-inch Neo QLED TV launched as an extension of the premium QN90B, this new big-screen model expands the more modest Q80C’s size options. 

While it doesn’t benefit from Mini LED performance, the 98-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV for 2023 still presents an option for customers looking for the largest TV screen possible. Better yet, it’s one of the first big TVs you might actually be able to afford.

The QN100B’s $40,000 price tag restricted it to luxury customers. LG’s $25,000 97-inch G2 OLED TV presented an alternative, but again, such an exorbitant price excluded it from the list of best TVs we suggest to inquiring shoppers.

For a relative fraction of the price of the QN100B and 97-inch G2 OLED, the new 98-inch Samsung TV is a good sign that manufacturers are interested in making large-screen TV experiences more accessible. 

Previously, TCL had the only somewhat-affordable TVs in the 97- to 100-inch size range via an “XL”-branded collection. Yet, the awareness of Samsung as a TV brand remains much greater — in fact, many would argue Samsung is the best TV brand overall.

Analysis: The 98-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV is a step in the right direction

Laser TVs and projectors have improved, but not to the point of beating the performance of the best QLED TVs and best OLED TVs. The fact that someone can now buy a 98-inch Samsung 4K QLED TV for less than they might spend on a complete project setup is a pretty significant change.

I’m not implying that $8,000 is cheap, but a larger margin of people can afford it compared to Samsung’s $40,000 Neo QLED TV of the same size. 

Samsung is running promotional deals to make its new TV even more compelling: Right now, you can reserve a unit to receive a $500 credit to Fom July 3 through July 23, orders will come with additional $1,000 savings, a Samsung Q-Series soundbar and free delivery and installation.

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